Dear Dr. Love:I recently separated and am in the process of divorce from my wife. We have separated for a while and during that time I met a fantastic young woman. Young as she is 23 and I am 33. We began dating in November and soon she started throwing out the love thing and marriage.Not being divorced yet, I was resisting the marriage talk, but admittedly fell in love with her. She recently broke up with me and stated that the reason was that she needed time alone and to figure out what she wanted. No problem from me, but then she breaks-up with me and now I am left dazed and confused.She told a mutual friend that the reason was our age difference, but that was never a problem before. My two kids met her one kid and got along great! She told everybody that I was exactly what she was looking for in every possible way. Now, after she broke up, and I asked her why, she is emotionless and cold.I am lost without her and cannot sleep or think about not being without her. Obviously I loved her more than she loved me, but am I missing something? Is there anything I could do? Or rather, is there anything i should do to try and make the relationship work? Or, should I accept that she wants to move on?