Dear Dr. LoveI was married for 15 years.My ex husband had a very low sex drive. . It made me feel like I wasn’t a woman. My self esteem got as low as it could. . I became depressed and Kept to myself. . Until finally I got up the nerve to Divorce him. . I started dating a man and when we finally took the step and made Love. . It was wonderful . . I actually turned him on and we made Love over and over. . Better and better each time. . No holding back. . Like its suppose to be. .We have been together for 2. 5 years now. . But not physically because he lives quite far away. . He tells me every day how much he loves me and visa versa. . Now lately I have my doubts. I am wondering if I really do love him. . or was it just because he gave my self esteem such a boost. .Am I mistaking something else for Love? I am afraid to date other men because I am so afraid of the same thing happening that happened with my ex husband. I don’t want to make a mistake and marry this man if it really isnt love. Just graditude. I’m mixed up. .