Dear Dr. Love,I was curious on an issue that i’ve have been fighting fora while. Everyone in my family says that i spend too much time with my girlfriend, and everyone in her family says that I should be spending all the time i can with her (so that i can get to know her).Well we have been going out almost a year and my family feels as if they are neglected. I do not feel that i can go out of town for the weekend with my parents like i used to because she cannot go at that time.Is it bad that i still want to go and let her have the weekend to herself. I Love her to death, but sometimes i think that i need to go and be with my family, or just with the guys.My brother who is married says that it is good to have to have time to do guy things with other guys and her not have to be there. But somehow she doesn’t seem to understand that.Am i in a bad situation?Thanks.