My wife and I are temporally separated. I did a pretty stupid thing, wrote anonymous email to her sister’s boyfriend about him cheating on her sister. I know the emails were wrong to do, but I have been under a lot of stress from everything, like personal things to work stuff.I can admit that some of the contents is a lie, but a lot of it has some truth to it. Well my wife left me, she says because I would have just lied to her face and she was not willing to take that. The day before she found out about the emails I had sent, we were have a argument about if I had any other email address other then what she knows of.On my personal laptop there was an email address which is not any anyone or mine I have ever emailed. I strongly told her no that I do not have any other emails other then the ones she is aware of. That is the big lie to her face that she felt that I would not of told her the truth about haven sent the anonymous emails.She feel that if I was so strong to of made her feel like I was telling her the truth about not having any other email address, I would not of told her the truth about the anonymous box and what I had done.I am very scared that she is going to leave me forever and not give me a chance to prove I am doing what ever it takes to understand why I did what I did and that I want to be a better husband for her and for myself. I am presently seeing a psychologist to understand more of why I did this act of childish mischief and to learn how to speak up more for my feelings and better communicate.The doc has asked to meet with her and myself, but she continues to talk about the emails and when and how they were sent. She does not believe anything I am saying and when I am telling her the truth she is saying that I am only say what she wants to heard.I love her very much and wish that maybe someone may be able to open her eyes and see that I am trying to understand and become a better person. I know if we can get together in the present of the psychologist that she will understand more. I don’t want to give up on the relationship and she tells me that she does want to work thing out.Alone at Home