I am going through a stressful time. First, I quit my job of 25 years to start a law practice. Next my mother, who is the primary caregiver for my father who has alzheimer’s disease, was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia. She is tolerating her chemo quite well. Finally, I broke up with my lover of 12 years, who also happens to be the object of my first lesbian relationship.I know that both my practice and my personal life would benefit from getting out and into the social mix, and I’ve started doing pro bono work at the courthouse. Mainly, though, I just sit around my apartment and mope.I miss my work friends, I miss my girlfriend and I’m having a hard time jump-starting myself out of this funk. This has lasted about three weeks. Is it to soon to be concerned? I don’t want to become any more miserable than I currently am. Plus, who wants to have a lawyer or a relationship with someone who’s all screwed up?