Dear Dr. Love,I just can not seem to shake my insecurities with my husband. I never knew my father. I have watched my Mom go through several terrible relationships. One guy asked her to marry him, and when I expressed my dislike she blamed me for ruinning her life. I feel that my whole life is just one big accident. No matter what I do I just can not shake the idea that I am one huge screw up.I have two kids and a loving husband. He has said to me repeatedly that I overreact to things and my additude has pushed everyone away from me. Everytime we start to talk about something serious he says something to make me feel small and stupid. Then we just lay into each other. We have tried to warn ahead of time about what we are going to say and that it might offend each other, but it does not work. He says that he does not mean to but that does not make me feel any better.I am trying also to get over being molested when I was about 7. That has caused me to steer away from sex, but I yield to him anyway and cry myself to sleep afterwards. I have tried going to a counselor. It does not help. He will not go. Please HELP!!!!All out of answers