Dr Love, I hope you answer my e-mail because I don’t know where else I can turn.My boyfriend of 6 years calls me names and says I am fat. If we disagree he get so angry, he calls me lots of nasty names. Last night he knuckle the top my head. I love my boyfriend but I am not sure why I put up with the way he treats me.I have never been abused before and come from a very loving family. My boyfriend’s mum was beat by his dad for years, her brothers threw him out eventually. She still says its just the way he was.When my boyfriend was 4 this was. At 7 years old he was put into residential care. He was a very bad tempered child who would reck things if he couldn’t have his own way. He came out of care when he was 14 years old.His mum left to live with her boyfriend who she’d been having an affair with for some time when her boyfriend left his wife. My boyfriend joined the Territorial army at 17 and then the driving corp when he was 20 years old part time.He is very particular. I can’t seem to do anything good enough, we are buying a house and moving in a week on Saturday, I don’t know what to do for the best. I don’t want to leave, I believe that you can repair a relationship but I don’t know where to start.You are my last hope. I’ve been to counselling with two different counsellors it didn’t help me because it just should me what I already know and that is that abuse is not right. Can you give me some guidance, I hope you can.