Dear Dr. Love:I have been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half now. We seemed to be getting along well until just the other day. At the start of the relationship I lied to my boyfriend a lot. I didn’t want him to know who I really was, I was ashamed, I didn’t want him to know how old I was because he would not have even talked to me. He is ten years older than I am.I regretted this since the day I did it. And since I feel extremely guilty about these type of things I told him that I had lied. He said that he loved me and all was forgiven.Well, the other day I found out that it was not. I had picked up the bad habit of smoking again and after a week or two of feeling guilty I gave in and told him. My relationship with him nearly ended at that point. He told me that he had lost all trust in me and that he did not know if he could believe anything I told him ever again.We are still together but I am about to have a nervous breakdown because I do not know if the relationship will last. And he explains that he can not tell me if it will or not because he can not trust me now. I am hoping that I can build that trust up again. But, as I mentioned I do not know what to do in the mean time and feel as though I ‘m going to have a breakdown.Do you have any suggestions for my troubled heart? Should I just let him have time alone and work out his emotions or should I try to show him how much I care? Please help.Breakdown