Dear Dr. Love,I wrote you a letter back in I think in May or June. I am 36 years old and been dating a 36 year old guy for 7 years. He freaked out when I brought up the subject of committment and marriage. You had suggested that I give it some time because he may feel threated or backed into a whole. We decided to date other people for a while, and have each dated several other people. This seems to cause some jeolousy problems on each of our parts. I had a guy friend from out of town last week end and was not able to spend any time with my boyfriend. He was really upset and depressed that we were not able to get together. But after the weekend was over – my boyfriend and I have spent every day together.We truely love each other and he told me he even talked to a couple about great honey moon spots, last weekend when I was occupied. My question is how long do you wait for the one you love to ask you to marry him? We can’t stand the thought of not seeing each other, but yet if I even hint at talking about things, he says lets not get into that right now. I know he loves me but he also needs alot of time alone, which I don’t require much of. It is hard to not think about it and talk about it so What DO I DO? Please help out if you can! Your last advice worked great. I backed off and dated other people and he has come a long way. What is the next step?36 and Waiting patiently