Dr. Love, I am almost 30 and divorced for 7 years, no kids. I’ve only had 2 dates in those 7 years.My problem is that I like this man who is an acquaintence (age 32) and I’m not sure how to tell if the feeling is mutual. He is VERY NICE and VERY SHY. He has complimented me when I’ve gotten my hair done and remembers totally mundane details of our conversations.I gave him a Valentine’s Day card (a ‘friend’card) and ever since then I’ve noticed he has been wearing cologne. He knows I like him (a friend of mine told him) but he doesn’t know that I know about it. His behaviour went from shy to a little less shy after my friend and he had the conversation.Should I make some sort of move? I really want to get to know him better. I’m not getting any younger! Thanks!