Hi, I am 17 years old i just dropped out of my high school due to conflictional reasons with a teacher. I had a part time job and worked with this guy. We went on one date in which we slept together. After that he decided to be no more than just friends. Which was fine with me cause my boyfriend of a year had just moved back home.We had slept together March,30 it is now May,22 and i have not had my period yet. I am very worried and unable to sleep.But, I am to scared to go get tested. I told the guy that i had slept with about it and he was very worried. But it didn’t last. He was like worried the first week after i had missed my period. He would always call and be of emotional support. Now he does not call at all. I have also slept with my boyfriend since the situation occured.My parents are very religious and set to their morals. They do not believe in abortion. So my question is, what should i do? If i am pregnant how do i handle it? And what is the age on having an abortion?