If You Think You Don’t Have PTSD, THINK AGAIN!


If you’ve been feeling sick and stressed out the past two years, you are likely suffering what I call the new Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™, triggered by the COVID-19 Pandemic. And, don’t be fooled. Even after the pandemic is behind us, the Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™ will not go away by itself!

But, don’t worry.

I have a solution that will put you on the road to relief right away.

If You Think You Don’t Have PTSD, THINK AGAIN! The first research-backed, drug-free remedy for the new Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™.

In this book, I cite the latest research (that even your doctor isn’t likely up on) showing that many conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, pain syndromes, sexual dysfunctions, drug and alcohol addictions, and digestive ills are actually symptoms of PTSD and the new Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™

In the book, you will discover my simple, research-backed, drug-free remedy that has already helped some of today’s top doctors.

Here’s what the doctors are saying:

In one Energetic System Upgrade with Dr. Jamie an issue that’s been nagging at me for 30 years is 80% gone.”

– Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three medical specialties.

This is an important and timely book that will only become more so as we move forward into even deeper chaos and economic decline. Dr. Turndorf insightfully alerts the world to the most important solution: heavy magnesium treatments through oral and transdermal approaches. She nails it on the head with magnesium, for it is the neurological mineral that calms us down. It is indicated for depression, for those on suicide watch, anxiety, and PTSD. One cannot go wrong with magnesium. Just be sure to take enough of it to get the best results.”

– Dr. Marc Sircus, author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

Dr. Jamie Turndorf puts together an excellent resource for those trying to understand how PTSD manifests itself in many people who do not understand its nature and, therefore, do not find the appropriate therapy for their health issues. Her book is an excellent source of information for all those questioning their emotional and physical health issues.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD, author of No Endings Only Beginnings and Love Medicine & Miracles 

Today we live in a complicated world where human health and well-being are constantly under attack. While we have advanced technology at our disposal, we still suffer from all kinds of diseases, not realizing that excessive stress and PTSD could be the main cause of these conditions.

Doctors have no silver bullet to treat cancer, and even fewer options for PTSD, so it’s up to you to become informed. Depression, anxiety, cognitive disorders, suicide, addictions, divorce, and violence in our society are often consequences of unrecognized PTSD, as Dr. Jamie eloquently reveals.  

I found Dr. Jamie’s book to be an excellent, eye-opening introduction to what causes PTSD. She also reveals that many other conditions are actually symptoms of PTSD, rather than separate conditions. And she introduces a simple solution that is accessible to everyone.

Speaking as a practitioner, author, and researcher for the past 55 years, I enjoyed reading her book and even have discovered a few new things.

We should thank Dr. Jamie for devoting her life to improving our mental, physical and spiritual health. Now more than ever, we really need Dr. Jamie’s book.

– Professor Serge Jurasunas, N.D (Hom), M.D (hc)

Dr. Turndorf is an amazing professional. In this useful, practical book, she demonstrates, based on serious scientific data, that PTSD is a plague that underlies most diseases. She points out that we must take charge of our own heath and save ourselves. No lie, just love. Everyone seeks respect, but it starts with self-respect. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine does not try to cure people and instead creates addiction to chemical treatments. The nutritional aspect of life is still neglected, yet it is the core of good health. Stress is toxic to the brain, but most people think about using anxiolytic or illegal drugs to ease their symptoms. Hence, all these drugs create addictions and side effects without solving the problem. And these drugs create willing weakness. The loss of self-will makes it easier for government leaders to manipulate the people. But there are simple and safe solutions. This book shows you the way to identify your specific stress and break free of it. The real way out is to know yourself, to be yourself, and to participate actively in the rebuilding of your own health and dignity.”

– Pascal Labouret DC, Hyeres France

I am so thrilled that Dr. Jamie Turndorf decided to write this excellent book about how we can better manage our own mental health recovery from excessive stress and PTSD. It’s time to take charge and be proactive. Don’t wait for someone to give you a magic pill to fix the ill. That is just a fantasy. Everyone needs this information now more than ever to recover from the devastating effects of unrelenting environmental stress plaguing our modern world. Find out what kind of nutritional deficiency can deplete the Central Nervous System. Learn what you can do to refill your tank again, and to rebuild and recover your mojo and energy supply. Make yourself strong from the inside out. Recharge your batteries and enjoy a fulfilling life again. There is no need to put up with chronic anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, mood swings, brain fog, sexual dysfunction, headaches or other body pains. It’s not natural. The good news is that nature provides us with knight-in-shining-armour nutrition that can rescue us from that downward slide. It’s really not rocket science, just simple nutritional know-how. This book is literally a lifesaver. Follow Dr. Jamie’s advice right now. Your life literally depends on it.” 

– Sandy Sanderson 


Depressed mood, avoidance behaviors (like not doing what you know you should be doing, such as exercising or eating correctly, etc.) distorted and debilitating feelings, hopeless emotions, feeling like the world is coming to an end, a sense of despondency (who cares if I eat right or exercise, the world is f***d); frightening thoughts, feeling stressed, anxious and/or suffering panic-attacks, irritability, angry outbursts, disturbed sleep, feeling tense, jumpy, jittery or on edge, having aches and pains and/or stiff muscles, low energy, self-damaging or addictive behaviors (such as bingeing on junk food) and/or the urge to self-medicate with food, drugs or alcohol or other addictive behaviors (such as engaging in binge Internet or TV viewing).

If you or someone you love is suffering any of the above symptoms DO NOT DESPAIR.

My new book is your:

  • Simple
  • Drug-free
  • Research-backed
  • Inexpensive
  • Rescue remedy for what ails you.

In this book, you will discover, the latest science proving:

Just one stress, accident or illness is sufficient to trigger PTSD and the new Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™.

How the very same cause of PTSD and the new Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome™ is the solution.

How the symptoms of PTSD differ in men and women.

How to spot PTSD in children.

How to know whether you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, PTSD, or all three.

How PTSD is often misdiagnosed as depression.


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