He Obviously Makes His Choice.

Wow. What a mess. This is a very odd triangle. You seem to feel threatened by her presence, as though you are in competition with her for your boyfriend’s affection. It seems to me that he feels indebted to her for having cared for his children. Since she isn’t a blood relative, he could have …

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Is My Husband Cheating?

I can understand why you are suspicious. Normally he wants you to go to the auctions and out to dinner and this time he’s angry that you want to ride along. It is very likely that he has felt hurt by your refusals to go with him. He may have pulled away from you and …

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Uncomfortable With Physicality

If I get this right, you’ve made a virginity vow. Meanwhile, your boyfriend has his hands all over you. No wonder you feel confused and scared. You are in quite a touchy situation. I’m wondering if when you say the word confused you actually mean that you are conflicted?And you do sound conflicted to me. …

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Trust Issues with My Boyfriend

This is quite a mess. Your boyfriend gave you his Facebook password, which would indicate that he has nothing to hide. He says that his ex wants him back, but that he doesn’t. And, in fact, you have verified that he never wrote back to her on Facebook.What the ex said on Facebook makes no …

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It’s not my place to tell you what to do.You say that you worry that you are depressed.How could you not be depressed? You are a human punching bag, and a prisoner in your own emotional jail. I’m the jailor who can set you free. The key to your freedom is understanding. First, I want …

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