8-Week Grief Transformation Package

Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy: Reconnect, Make Peace and Heal

Did you know that we never completely lose those we love?

8-Week Grief Transformation Package

Based on Dr. Turndorf’s #1 International Bestselling book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased

Did you know that we don’t actually lose those we love?

And that there is a way to remain connected to loved ones in spirit. 

Immediately following the bodily death of my beloved husband of 27 years, he began appearing to me in spirit form. Jean’s repeated manifestations (often in front of witnesses) showed me that the spirit lives-on–which made me realize that our relationships are not meant to end with bodily death!

My experiences with Jean inspired me to create my groundbreaking Trans-Dimensional grief therapy method, which I introduced in my #1 International Bestselling book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased. My method drastically diverges from the traditional Western therapeutic approach (grieve, let go and move on), which only leaves the bereaved at an even greater loss. By contrast, my method guides people to reconnect rather than say goodbye, without the assistance of a medium, channeler or psychic. During the past ten years, I have been assisting the bereaved to do just this and the healing they are experiencing is astonishing.

Reconnecting is a lifeline, especially for elderly widows and widowers who are isolated and unlikely to form another primary relationship. People who have lost a loved one to sudden, tragic illness or accidents also need a chance to reconnect and say farewell. Likewise, parents who have lost children and children who have lost parents also desperately need to reconnect and stay connected.

Reconnecting is vital also for those who harbor resentment toward someone who is no longer in a body. Traditional therapy offers no assistance for such clients.

Using my amazing Dialoguing with the Departed technique, I guide you to engage in a back-and-forth verbal communication with those in spirit. Because spirit beings are more evolved, knowing and seeing, oftentimes we have to wait until someone leaves his/her body to work it out. As one patient rightly told me, “I wish my mother would hurry up and die so we can work it out!” This means it’s never too late to heal wounds, resolve resentments, make peace and repair a damaged relationship with someone who has passed over. In this back and forth dialogue, old resentments and wounds are miraculously healed. 

Learning how to communicate with a spirit being is easier than you might think. First I show you how to create a “State of Receptivity,” which includes stilling the mind and breathing. Spirit is born on the breath.

Next I help you recognize the often-overlooked signs of spirit presence. In many cases, just becoming aware of the signs of spirit presence is sufficient to initiate reconnection. Most people are astounded to discover that their loved ones have been present all along, waiting patiently for them to open the door of their hearts.


Transform your grief to joy by reconnecting and making peace, if needed, with any being in spirit. To get started, use this link to begin your Grief Transformation.


I was so depressed when my son committed suicide that I started drinking and taking sleeping pills. I collapsed, fell on my head and had a brain bleed. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was sent to a grief therapist. She told me to let go of my son, and I got even more depressed. Then I found Dr. Turndorf and she showed me how to reconnect and dialogue with my son. Being a traditional Catholic, I was so worried that he was in hell for having committed suicide. In no time, my son came through with a message that Dr. T was reluctant to share, my being a Catholic and all. Finally, she repeated that he said his wife was twisting his balls in a knot and he had no other way to escape her. These were the exact words that he said to me the week before he took his life! He went on to reassure me that he was fine. Needless to say, all my pain and fear for his soul disappeared. Now I am learning how to reconnect and dialogue with him every day. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf for this incredible gift. Lillian B.

When I came to Dr. Turndorf, I was drowning in grief. It had been years and I was still irrationally angry with my daughter for dying and leaving me. A formerly devout Catholic, I had turned my back on God too. Dr. Turndorf told me that reconnecting to my daughter in spirit would eliminate my anger, because I’d realize that she’s never left me. I was skeptical but I allowed myself to trust Dr. Turndorf and open to her method. And, voila, my daughter has been with me ever since. My anger is gone and my heart is filled with joy and hope for the first time in years. Use her method and you will find peace too. Thank you, thank, you, Dr. Turndorf!  Christine H.

My husband and I came to Dr. Turndorf thinking we needed help on our marriage. He felt neglected by me. And no wonder. I had been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders since my dad died when I was a teen and took over the role of caring for my mom and siblings. Dr. Turndorf told me that if I, along with the rest of my family, allowed dad to re-enter our lives I could let go of the father role. To confirm how right she was, right in front of our eyes, my dad began making her battery back up machine beep like crazy. BUT there was no power failure, and no logical reason for the machine to be beeping. Dr. Turndorf said that it was my dad’s way of confirming he’s here and in agreement. She said that once we acknowledge his message, he’ll stop the racket. As soon as she said that, the machine stopped beeping! Then, Dr. Turndorf showed me how to recognize all the signs of spirit presence, and, in no time, I began to see, hear and feel dad all around me. I was finally able to let go and stop running the show. I’m in peace and my marriage is healed. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf. Read this book and use her method. It will heal your heart and life.  Tina G.

Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful session today. I was amazed that you picked up so much about my heart being blocked. I’m still processing the depth of the information and emotion. I have been on a spiritual journey for about 5 years and during and after our talk I catapulted forward based on what you were able to touch on during our meditation connecting with my Dad. Thank you so much. I look forward to continuing our work together.  Margaret T.

I was listening to Dr. Turndorf on Hay House radio and it was as if my mother was pushing me to get in touch with her – so I did.

As her second birthday and the holiday season was approaching I was really struggling. When I spoke with Dr. Turndorf she said you are “drowning in your grief”.

She asked me if I wanted to dialogue with mother and I said yes. I was crying and missing her so that I was blocking the connection. Then I told her I loved her through my tears. The next thing that happened was I started laughing. My mother was always laughing and she knew how to have lots of fun. I knew this was my mother making my laugh. It felt like she was tickling me from the inside. I instantly felt my sadness melt away. What a miracle! Much Love, Marnie G.

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