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“How To Make Keeping Your Cool Your #1 Relationship Rule.” HLN’s Weekend Express

“Long Distance Love: Keeping Things Hot From Afar.” HLN’s Weekend Express

About Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is known for delivering a seamless and engaging blend of professional expertise, humor, and memorable sound bites, turning clinical psychobabble into easy to understand concepts and techniques that transform lives and heal relationships.

Her TV appearances include NBC’s Today Show, CNN, CBS, Fox, VH1, HLN, & Inside Edition. Her advice has been published by WebMD, iVillage, Men’s Health, Glamour, New Woman, American Woman, Cosmopolitan, and many others. She also write a column for Psychology Today online. Dr. Turndorf is also known to millions through her Web site Launched in 1996, today it boasts thousands of love and relationship advice articles.  

She’s the author of two critically acclaimed books: Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step By Step Guide For Resolving Relationship Conflict, and Make Up Don’t Break Up: Dr. Love’s Five-Step Plan for Reconciling with Your Ex.

Her TalkZone radio show Ask Dr. Love is heard in 80 countries and is in the process of national syndication. Her flagship station on terrestrial radio is Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW-AM In Seattle.

Dr. Turndorf can speak on a wide variety of love and relationship related topics from dating and finding your ideal partner to cohabitation and marriage and even break ups and repairing relationships. She can also comment on a wide variety of general psychology topics relating to current events such as family issues, bullying, hate crimes, criminal psychology, terrorism, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She was recently granted rare one-on-one interviews with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Temple Grandin and Robert Fulghum (All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten).

Following is a sample list of story ideas perfect for news and talk shows. For more story ideas, look through the list of Ask Dr. Love Radio shows, check out her new Love Bites 60 second radio spots, or browse through the wide variety of articles and advice columns on this site.

Story Ideas

  • Are You Dating an Ax Murderer? Find out Before He Breaks Your Heart (OR Chops Your Head Off!)
  • Is Your Date an Inmate? How to Spot Online Fakes, Frauds and Freaks (Dr. Love shares her own hilarious online dating disaster stories!)
  • Are You His Soulmate or His Playmate? How to Tell if a Man is Relationship Material Before You Waste Your Time and He Breaks Your Heart.
  • Why Texting is Ruining Your Relationship: Find Out What Topics Should Never Be Tackled By Text.
  • If You Don’t Give Her Emotional Company, She’ll be Looking Elsewhere for Humpty Dumpty: Dr. Love’s 5 Tips For Preventing Infidelity.
  • Where’s the Beef: How to Bring Home the Bacon in Bed! Or Did Someone Put a Hex on Your Sex?
  • How To Make Keeping Your Cool Your Number One Relationship Rule!
  • Reconciling with Your Ex: 5 Steps to Get Back Together Better Than Ever!
  • Mother’s Day: Making Peace with the Deceased for Mother or Father’s Day.

Celebrity Couch:  Dr.Turndorf’s analysis of celebs’ strife in love and life provides vital lessons for the rest of us.

  • Why Demi and Ashton’s Open Relationship Closed Down Their Marriage.
  • Men Are Coming Out the Woodwork Claiming John Travolta Tried to Put the Wood to Them.

Love Bites: 60-second shorts that are just what the doctor ordered!  Past segments include:

  • Never Use Your Peter as Your Love Meter!
  • Short on Moans? Check Your Hormones!
  • Don’t Be a Schlub and Use Honesty Like a Club!
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