Love Never Dies Video Course

A Revolutionary Method to Reconnect and Make Peace with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Based on the no. 1 International Bestseller Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased

8-Week Video Course with Dr. Jamie Turndorf, aka Dr. Love

“After losing someone you love, it can be very difficult to express how you feel. Loneliness, confusion, loss of faith, disconnection, fear, anger, and guilt are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to feelings you experience during loss. And in traditional counseling, you may
have been told you need to move on, get on with your life and let go of your loved one.

There is another way to heal, without having to let go of the spirit of the person you love. There is, in fact, a way to reconnect, heal and live fully again.

You don’t have to lose your loved ones. They are always with you and I will show you how to reconnect, and if needed, make peace with your loved ones who have left the earth plane.” –Dr. Jamie Turndorf 

“When we experience loss we need good therapy, which Dr. Turndorf provides in Love Never Dies. Her new therapeutic techniques are amazing! She shows us the way to heal our hearts and find lasting love.”

John Gray, Ph.D., #1 NY Times bestselling New York Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

What the Love Never Dies Video Course Can Do For You

Loss of a loved one or even a long-term relationship is one of the most painful experiences we can ever encounter. We become so attached to our physical bodies and our identities, we forget our real essence – the spirit that lies within and is forever eternal. Therefore, we can never truly be separated from our loved ones. The truth is, our loved ones in spirit are always sending us messages and signs that they are still with us, walking beside us and offering unconditional love. Learning how to open and receive these spirit messages not only allows us to reconnect, but it also offers tremendous healing power.

“Love Never Dies is guaranteed to give immense hope to those grieving the perceived loss of a loved one. Dr. Jamie Turndorf, together with her husband, Jean, now in spirit, provide stunning evidence of the continuity of love and life, along with the tools to help anyone connect with those in the unseen world. ”

Suzanne Giesemann, author of Messages of Hope

Believing in reconnection is not a prerequisite for experiencing the healing that is available to you through this online course. You don’t even have to believe spirits live on to gain tremendous peace and comfort from the techniques Dr. Turndorf shares during this 8-week journey. You do, however, have to be open and willing to heal.

Communicating with spirit is nothing more than the sending and receiving of energetic signals, which you will learn to do during this online course. The ability to extend our energetic communications to those in spirit simply involves learning how to tune in to what Dr. Turndorf calls the “Spirit Channel” of your brain. During your time with Dr. Turndorf, you’ll open your spirit channel and begin sending and receiving messages from your loved ones – the messages meant solely for you.

“Dr. Turndorf’s extraordinary memoir/self-help book provides astonishing proof that we don’t die and that we are meant to reconnect and stay connected to loved ones in spirit. Learn her powerful new method for reconnecting and making peace with the deceased, and you will transform your grief to joy.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) and bestselling author of Falling Upward

In Dr. Turndorf’s new 8-week online video course, based on her no. 1 international bestselling Hay House book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased, she’ll teach you how to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit and guide you to all the signs and messages from spirit presence so you know your loved one is still with you.

By the time you complete this online course, your relationship will not only be better than when your loved one was on earth, but you’ll also be able to love again and regain a life that is full of joy and happiness. Your loved ones do not want you to suffer or stay stuck in a grief-stricken state – what they want is for you to realize they are always with you!

This course is for you if you…

  • Long to reconnect with someone you’ve lost
  • Feel lost in grief and hopelessness
  • Struggle in finding purpose in life after loss
  • Tried traditional grief therapy but still feel alone and depressed
  • Wish to say farewell to the physical body of a loved one who was suddenly taken from you
  • Are a child who lost a parent
  • Are a parent who lost a child
  • Are grieving the loss of a beloved pet
  • Wish to obtain guidance from any being in spirit
  • Need to heal unfinished business that remains between you and any spirit being
  • Experienced an abusive childhood at the hands of a deceased parent, guardian or sibling

In just 8 weeks…

You will no longer need to buy industrial packs of tissues…

You won’t be scarfing gallons of ice cream to numb the pain…

You won’t be collapsed on the couch…

Or weeping over old photo albums…

Or propping yourself up with visits to mediums, which only offer a temporary fix while draining your pockets.

By the end of your time with Dr. Turndorf, you’ll experience the joy that can only come from resuming your relationship with your loved one in spirit. The reconnection to your very essence opens the spiritual door to send and receive messages with your loved one. This is where true peace and joy reside.

“We have never seen anything like Dr. Turndorf’s Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution Method.”

Reid Tracy, CEO and President of Hay House Publishing

About Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Dr. Turndorf is internationally known as Dr. Love, having founded the award winning, the web’s first relationship advice site since 1995. She is also the host of the syndicated radio show Ask Dr. Love, which is broadcast in 80 countries world-wide and is also the host of the Hay House Radio show, Love Never Dies, the most listened to hour on the Hay House network! Dr. Turndorf holds a doctorate in psychology and has been working directly with patients for over 30 years.

The author of several books including, Kiss Your Fights Goodbye, which presents her proven conflict resolution method endorsed by leaders in psychology and Love Never Dies, which became an overnight Hay House bestseller, Dr. Turndorf has been recognized for her groundbreaking Trans-Dimensional grief therapy method.This revolutionary new method,which veers from the traditional “grieve, let go and move on” approach, shows you how to say hello, not good-bye, to your loved ones in spirit, without the assistance of a medium, channeler or psychic. Her unique and groundbreaking technique, Dialoguing with the Departed, enables those who have lost a loved one a way to enage in a back-and-forth, two-sided communication.

During the Love Never Dies Video Course, You’ll Receive:

  • 8 engaging recorded video lessons with Dr. Turndorf Please Note: The 8 video lessons are prerecorded. You can watch and study the lessons at your own pace.
  • 3  Recorded Group Coaching Calls
  • 3 Guided Audio Exercises to Foster Reconnection and Healing

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“Dr. Turndorf has written a remarkably moving chronicle of her own life, and uses it as a spiritually insightful guide to effectively help others. The art form for spirit communication, described in this book, will not only make it possible for you to connect with departed loved ones, but also bring true harmony into your everyday life.”

Dannion Brinkley, New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light

In Love Never Dies, you’ll experience Dr. Turndorf’s Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy Method, an emotionally-focused, experiential healing modality that offersdeep and long-lasting healing. The techniques are experientially-based rather than intellectual/didactic, meaning the techniques you learn are felt rather than thought. You will actually feel your way through the process of reconnecting with your loved ones to heal in a revolutionary way. This process transforms your grief in to joy!

Lesson Overview of Love Never Dies Online Course:

Lesson 1: Our Story

In this first lesson, Dr. Turndorf shares her and her husband’s eternal love story. Offering numerous examples of spirit presence, often in front of witnesses, you’ll soon believe that your loved ones are always with you and become more aware of the signs and messages they are sending you on a regular basis.

Lesson 2: Overcoming Obstacles to Reconnecting

In this lesson, Dr. Turndorf expands on all of the obstacles you encounter in reconnecting with your loved one in spirit. By understanding the common blocks in receiving communication and messages from your loved ones, you will begin to open and expand your mind and heart so you begin to see and feel these signs.

Lesson 3: The Scientific Evidence for the Afterlife

This riveting lesson explores the scientific findings and studies that support the existence of an afterlife, and explain how spirit communication is possible. This information is crucial to opening your mind, which helps to unlock the door to spirit, and ultimately, to your loved ones who have left the earth plane.  You’ll discover that communicating with spirits is nothing more than the sending and receiving of energetic signals – something you can learn to do.

Lesson 4: Creating a State of Receptivity: How to Turn On Your Receiver

In lesson 4, Dr. Turndorf helps you overcome the mindset that locks the door of your heart to spirit presence. Once you begin to reset your mind and heart, Dr. Turndorf offers exercises you can use to turn on your receiver and open the spiritual door to spiritual messages.

Lesson 5: Heightening Your Receptivity by Awakening Your Five Senses

In this lesson, Dr. Turndorf dives into all the ways to heighten your senses so that you are ready to send and receive signs and communications from loved ones in spirit.  The senses, when open, offer a great channel for receptivity and sensing signs of spirit presence. You’ll learn all the ways spirit presence is trying to communicate and send messages to you by awakening your five senses. Dr. Turndorf shares numerous exercises to awaken your sensory channels.

Lesson 6: Recognizing the Signs of Spirit Presence

Dr. Turndorf demonstrates all the ways spirit presence communicates with you on earth. As a spirit, they are able to do things that may seem, at first, impossible, but once you awaken to the possibilities, you’ll soon discover how clever spirits can be. She offers numerous examples from her own experience and from those she has worked with to help you recognize signs your loved ones are sending to you.

Lesson 7: Establishing Your Own Dialogue with the Departed

This powerful lesson includes Dr. Turndorf’s revolutionary Dialoguing with the Departed technique. She’ll teach you how to create the environment for dialoguing, how to begin and steps to take to create a two-way channel of communication between you and your loved one. This lesson is truly incredible and you’ll be amazed at how healing this technique can be in offering peace and comfort to you right now.

Lesson 8: Overcoming Dialoguing Obstacles

In this final lesson, Dr. Turndorf explains the obstacles you might encounter when you begin the process of dialoguing with your loved one in spirit. She addresses past traumas and how these traumas with the deceased can obstruct your ability to communicate with and receive messages from those in spirit. You’ll learn how to overcome these obstacles and how to feel safe and at peace while communicating with those who have passed, even if the relationship was abusive while your loved one was on earth.

Dr. Turndorf has been connecting souls on earth and spirit planes during her 4-hour Love Never Dies Retreats at her home in Millbrook, NY. People who have attended have experienced incredible manifestations and immense healing.

“From the time I was a child, I’ve felt like a beaten dog. My father abused me physically and my brothers copied him. I have lived with such deep pain and sadness that I thought would never go away. During the first live group call, I had the great fortune of working live with Dr. Turndorf who invited me to dialogue with my father. In the dialogue, I came to understand why my father mistreated me–he explained that he had been abused by his father. Understanding my father’s story helped me to let go of a lifetime’s worth of pain, hurt and anger. The experience was profoundly healing. I instantly felt such immediate peace, a peace that I had never known before. I can’t thank Dr. Turndorf enough. Her online course literally saved my life.”

Dottie G.

“I was doubting that my husband was still with me. Then, I attended the first live group call, and in no time Dr. Turndorf was channeling my husband and calling me, “Baby.” I nearly fell over because that’s what my husband always called me! I showed the group that I actually tattooed the word on my body! Prior to the second live call, I asked my husband to make a specific sign of his presence during the call. And, he did! And, watching Dr. Turndorf’s lessons each week felt like she was right with me in my living room, holding my hand and guiding me every step of the way. The prerecorded video lessons really helped me to absorb all the lessons and teachings in the Love Never Dies book. I love that I can return to the lessons as often as I want and play them again and again. Thanks to this wonderful course, I am now so close to my husband and feel him with me every minute. This course is amazing blessing that’s transformed my life! ”

Gina W.

“I was convinced that I would never be able to reconnect with my husband. Since his death, I hadn’t felt him at all. In the first live group call, I was actually afraid to even try to dialogue with him, for fear that I wouldn’t hear or sense him. Thanks to Dr. Turndorf’s persistent encouragement, I finally bit the bullet and accepted to dialogue with him. And, a miracle happened for me! I felt my husband come through right away!!!! That was the beginning of my new life. Then, I used the prerecorded lessons to hone my skills further. Now I am able to connect with my husband all on my own! I am so eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf for offering this life-changing course to me and the world. Now I don’t cry all the time. And when I do cry, it’s tears of joy.”

Trish B.

“I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the live course, and I wondered if taking the prerecorded version of the course would help me to reconnect with my deceased wife. My fears were soon eliminated. This course was an amazing experience for me. The weekly video lessons were so clear and helpful. Through the recorded lessons, I learned how to be more receptive to spirit, how to recognize all kinds of signs that I was missing, and I also perfected my ability to dialogue with my dear wife. The bonus audios have been wonderful for me too. I have to also say that watching the prerecorded group calls changed my life. I never would have imagined that just watching everyone else’s dialogues would be so helpful and healing for me! This is the best online course I’ve ever taken. If you are looking to reconnect, get guidance or even heal a relationship with someone in spirit, give yourself the gift of this course. Reconnecting will change your life and heal you in every way.”

Bob C.

Imagine what’s possible for you during an 8-week journey with Dr. Turndorf!

Register Now for only $997!


Once you purchase, you can revisit this course as often as you like!


Exclusive Online Course Features Include:

Weekly lessons
A new lesson is released each week on a private, online learning website.  Each lesson is filled with engaging and informative videos that offer supplemental exercises to help you reconnect and make peace, if needed, with your loved ones in spirit.

Mobile Availability
Lessons are available for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Listen and learn anywhere you have internet or cell signal.

Lifetime Access
You will have access to the course beyond your initial learning experience!  We realize taking the course as it’s delivered may not be possible for you, so you can take the course at your own pace for best results. You’ll also be able to return and review lessons for deeper understanding and to reinforce what you’re learning.

Risk Free – 100% Money Back Guarantee
If after the first two lessons, you are not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund – no questions asked.

What People Are Experiencing with Love Never Dies:

“When my son committed suicide, I was so worried that he had gone to hell. I started taking sleeping pills and drinking, and I collapsed, hit my head and had a brain bleed. The hospital sent me to a grief therapist, who told me to let go of him, which got me more depressed. Then, thank God, I found Dr. Turndorf who showed me how to reconnect with my son. What a relief to find out that he is not in hell and is actually happy. Working with Dr. T has brought me such peace and healing.”

Lillian B.

“My light wasn’t working in the garage and even the electricians couldn’t fix it. I started working with Dr. Turndorf and she taught me how to talk with my husband. One day, I asked him to fix the light. And he did! Then a week later, I couldn’t find my car title. I had searched the house and 50 unpacked boxes in my garage. Again, I asked my husband for help and he led me right to it! I am so grateful to Dr. T for helping me reconnect with my husband, which has literally saved my life.”

Ellie C.

“I was so depressed that in the 2 years since my husband’s death I hadn’t received a single sign. One day, I begged him to help me reconnect with him. My eyes were instantly pulled to a newspaper article that Bernie Siegel MD had written about Dr. T. and Love Never Dies. I reached out to her immediately and that was the day my life changed. She helped me open up and see all the signs I’ve been dismissing. Now I’m not only not depressed anymore, I feel joy knowing my husband is here with me.”

Maria S.

“It was Easter and my husband awoke me from a sound sleep. He had turned on Dr. T’s show on Hay House radio. He told me to start working with her. That was the beginning of my life with him in spirit. Dr. T taught me and the kids how to reconnect and dialogue with him. The kids are happy again to have their dad back. And, as for me, my husband is so close to me, we even share Friday date night again, and I’m glowing! I am so thankful to Dr. T for showing me how to find my husband again.”

Jacqueline N.

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