Turn Around Your Energy So You Can Turn Around Your Life with Karen J. Atkins

Karen will share the importance of our energy and tips on how to increase it!  Energy is the key to well-being, happiness, and creativity. We often forget about that when we’re caught up in our busy lives. But stopping and harnessing our energy is critical to our vitality. And our vitality is the key to our health, happiness, and success.


Creator of Master Your Body iQ, Karen has helped thousands of busy students around the world bust stress, build vitality and realize their true purpose with simple strategies that anyone can use. 

Karen has been featured on Ted Talks and Good Morning America and is also an award-winning musician, combining energy building tools with music for healing.

Awards include: the John Lennon song writing contest, POSI music awards, and the Global Music Award.

Her music has been included in multiple feature films, including Winona Ryder’s movie Boys.

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