Is something missing in your life?

Maybe you can’t get along with those close to you”¦

Or your relationship has lost its spark”¦

Or your work brings little joy”¦

Perhaps you’re struggling with a health condition”¦

Or you’re secretly jealous of others whose lives–in your mind–are a storybook tale compared to yours.

In reality, when we see beyond the cover stories and masks that everyone shows the world, we discover that millions of people–even those who enjoy worldly success and are surrounded by people who love them–still secretly feel empty.

In the wee hours of the morning, as we lie in bed, we can no longer lie to ourselves.

Nor can we escape the harrowing hollowness that cries out to the cosmos: something drastic is missing.

Instead of rising each morning with a sense of joy, excitement and anticipation of the coming day, most people do not face the day with a sense of vibrancy and wondrous anticipation of the miracles that await.

Is this grief due to a missing sense of real purpose or calling in life?

Or is the source of this pain more profound?

And does this pain stem from a deep sense of knowing that our souls are lacking a vital substance that is as central to our survival as air and water.

Tune-in to discover the real source and solution to what’s lacking in your life.

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