How Your Beloved Pet in Spirit Can Help You to Heal

Animals are perhaps the purest source of unconditional love in the universe.

When a beloved pet leaves his/her body, that dear creature unites with God. And, since God is love, your pet in spirit is even more capable of bringing you more unconditional love and healing than ever before!

In addition, domestic and wild animals still living in a body are what I call Open Vessels, since they have a direct pipeline to the spirit realm. This means that domestic and wild animals are naturally able to assist us in communicating with our two and four-legged loved ones in spirit.

In this episode, I will teach you how to directly communicate with your beloved pet in spirit and also enlist the aid of domestic and wild creatures to help you communicate with your two and four-legged loved ones in spirit.  

And, make sure to call 866-338-9663 during the live broadcast at 9pm EDT on Sunday June 25th so that I can assist you in establishing your own reconnection, which is the only way to end your grieving over your “lost” loved one and also the ideal way to fast track your healing and prosperity in every area of your life.

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