How Reconnecting Heals You

If you think about the language people use to describe physical death, you’ll hear things like he’s moved into the light or he’s crossed over…

All these expression imply that those in spirit are away from us, when, in fact, they are literally right beside us. As Jean said, right after he left his body, “Death is an illusion. There’s a very thin veil between the realm where you are and the realm where I am. The veil is thinner than you can ever imagine. I’m standing right here.”

Not only are our loved ones standing right here, they waiting to reconnect with us.

There’s more!

Another misconception we earthlings carry is the idea that those in spirit are busy working in heaven. And, therefore, we shouldn’t bother them.

As it turns out, this notion is totally wrong! Soon after Jean left his body he also told me, “What else is there for me to do. It’s my full-time occupation to love you.”

What Jean said is true of your loved ones in spirit too. They are devoted to loving you and healing you in mind, body, spirit and emotion!

Tune-in to this week’s show and find out how you reconnecting is your ticket to total healing.

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