How to Dialogue with Your Loved One in Spirit

Have you ever yearned to have a real heartfelt conversation with your loved one in spirit? I mean a real back and forth discussion not you talking out loud to a wall and wondering with the wall is staying back.

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that talking to the wall is an extremely depressing experience, which only makes you miss your loved one more.

On the other hand, imagine the joy of being able to talk back and forth with your loved one and know without a doubt what he or she is saying to you in response.

This kind of conversation brings an instant feeling a reconnection and instantly lifts the pain of grief.

In this episode, Dr. Turndorf will share the various ways that your loved one dialogues with you and how you can dialogue in response. Tune-in for an eye opening discussion of how to dialogue using though induciton, dreams, automatic writing, prayer, and Open Vessels and Earthly Props.

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