How to Celebrate the Holidays with Loved Ones in Spirit

If you are like the majority of those who grieve, holidays are holy hell. The reason why the bereaved are especially miserable during the holidays is because holidays are a time that we slow down and naturally recall all the past good times we shared with our loved ones. These recollections underscore all that you have lost. Hence why the holidays become a source of even greater pain.

On top of this, if you have seen a Western grief therapist, you have been told to let go, move on and say goodbye to your loved one in spirit.

This move on mandate is a recipe for greater misery.

Jean’s and my Love Never Dies mission offers you a new and simple recipe: no more marinating in misery! Instead, I’m here to help you reconnect and begin your relationship anew, which is the essential ingredient to overcoming holiday grieving.

Tune-in and discover the recipe for grief relief this holiday and beyond.

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