How to Promote Your Message and Mission

Get Ready to Learn from One of the World’s Top Heart-Centered Marketers, Pavel Mikoloski, How to Promote Your Message and Mission

Our world is glutted with marketing “experts,” many of whom make it a science to manipulate the minds of others. When on the receiving end of these marketing tactics, it’s easy to feel the in-authenticity.

Pavel Mikoloski, by contrast, believes that marketing must be driven by a deep sense of service to society. Serving clients and humanity comes first. Marketing success can only come from being in alignment with this higher purpose.

Join me for a fascinating discussion with one of the world’s top marketers, and find out how coming from a place of service is the secret to marketing your message successfully.


Pavel Mikoloski is one of the few Grassroots Marketing, Publicity and Promotional experts who specializes in both the US and UK Body Mind Spirit, Personal Development and Heart-Centered Business Markets. 

His clients include some of the top transformational luminaries of our time. Pavel was the Grassroots Marketing Director of the film, What the BLEEP Do We Know?! which became a 12 million dollar hit in the US; making it then the third most successful US documentary of all time. 

A confirmed behind-the-scenes person, he rarely gives interviews but he is my dear friend so we are fortunate he has agreed to join us today.

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