Do You Have Attitudes that Block Your Reconnection with a Loved One in Spirit?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a bad attitude?

When you were a teenager, if you heard this accusation it meant that you were behaving in a contrary, rebellious or disagreeable way.

That’s not the kind of bad attitude I’m speaking about!

In the context of grieving, a bad attitude refers to beliefs that block you from reconnecting.

Sadly, when we suffer the bodily loss of a loved one, our latent attitudes awaken with a vengeance. What is most tragic is the fact that these very attitudes block you from reconnecting at a time when you need to reconnect all the more.

Tune-in to uncover the bad attitudes that are blocking your reconnection and find out how to lay these attitudes to rest so that you can reconnect with your loved one, which is the only way to get past thepain of grief.

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