Could You Be Suffering From What I Call the Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome?

Are you feeling stressed, tense jumpy jittery, anxious or having panic attacks or angry outbursts or disturbed sleep?

Are you worried that you or someone you love is going to get sick or even die?

Are you depressed and feeling hopeless like the world is coming to an end?

Or are you suffering aches and pains or stiff muscles, low energy, or falling into self-damaging or addictive behaviors (link bingeing on junk food, the internet or TV) or abusing drugs alcohol? Or not eating right or exercising feeling like what’s the point?

If you said yes to any of my questions, you are likely suffering what I call the Global PTSD Pandemic Stress Syndrome triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the most common symptoms of this syndrome:  

Depressed mood, avoidance behaviors (like not doing what you know you should be doing, such as exercising or eating correctly, etc.) distorted and debilitating feelings, hopeless emotions, feeling like the world is coming to an end, a sense of despondency (who cares if I eat right or exercise, the world is f***d); frightening thoughts, feeling stressed, anxious and/or suffering panic-attacks, irritability, angry outbursts, disturbed sleep, feeling tense, jumpy, jittery or on edge, having aches and pains and/or stiff muscles, low energy, self-damaging or addictive behaviors (such as bingeing on junk food) and/or the urge to self-medicate with food, drugs or alcohol or other addictive behaviors (such as engaging in binge Internet or TV viewing).

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, don’t despair.

Tune-in and discover my new research-back, drug-free solution for putting all the pain firmly in the past and keeping it there no matter how much stress you face in the future.

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