Awakening Your Intuitive Gifts with Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

Awakening Your Intuitive Gifts with Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

Have you ever wondered whether you’re psychic? Do you get feelings about certain situations and people, only to find out later that they came true? Do your friends and family turn to you for help and guidance because you give great advice, yet you are simply following what is natural to you?

We all possess innate abilities to experience more than what we see in our normal waking consciousness. In this show, we will discuss how to bring your psychic gifts to the surface and how to use your gifts in your everyday life!

Tune-in for a great discussion on how to tap into your psychic abilities, how to understand and recognize the information you receive, how to work with your personal psychic senses, and how to fine tune your thoughts and feelings so you can distinguish true psychic information from your ego thinking.


Lisa Williams is an internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant with an amazing ability to communicate with loved ones and friends who have passed on to the “other side.” Born in England, Williams was discovered by Merv Griffin and introduced to audiences through two seasons of her own hit show Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead. Her second series, Voices from the Other Side, premiered on Lifetime in October 2008. In addition to appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lisa published her first book with Simon and Schuster last year. Lisa is currently on tour performing in front of large live audiences, and she blogs daily about her life and spiritual teachings at where she is able to interact with the public and her site members. She is also a trained reiki and crystal healer as well as a devoted mother.

Facebook: /lisawilliamsmedium

Twitter: @lisawilliamsmedium

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