Suzanne Giesemann

Are You Ready to Live the Awakened Way? with Suzanne Giesemann

Join me for a magical show in which you discover a path to knowing who you are and why you’re here.

The Awakened Way â„  is built upon three basic truths:

  • You are a beautiful soul””an eternal being””who walks in both worlds at once.
  • You are part of one big web connecting all that is.
  • You find your way Home through the heart.


Suaznne Giesemann is a Messenger of Hope and the founder and teacher of The Awakened Way ”“ a path to knowing Who you are and why you’re here. A former U.S. Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, today she provides stunning evidence of the existence of Universal Consciousness and our interconnectedness.

Suzanne is the author of 12 books, and an inspirational way-shower. She has been a keynote presenter for organizations including Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

Suzanne’s gift of evidential mediumship has been tested and proven. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations.


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