Are You Ready to Be a Spiritual Servant Leader? with Dr. Dorothy

Are you ready to live the truth of who tou really are rather than the lies of who you’ve been told you are supposed to be?

Tune-in and discover the inner-work that will help you be empowered, prepared, and skilled sufficiently to take on the mantel of your own leadership in order to make the difference in the world according the mission, or spiritual purpose, you have come here to accomplish.

Dr. Dorothy sees leadership as a spiritual state of being we are all called to, whether in leading our individual journey or in leading a multi-national organization. Not surprisingly in the last 10 years or so Servant Leadership vs. Power Over has emerged.

Energy seeks balance and we have become so out of balance that the reverse trend has developed.

Because everything is inter-related, women (Yin Energy) have emerged as the necessary balancer in the corporate world to the extent that we can see statistically when there are women in the C Suite and especially as CEO there is a greater willingness for collaborative leadership, leadership and team development, and a focus on customer and employee service in conjunction with profit rather than solely profit itself.  Ironically, in many instances that translates to increased profit for the organization.

For the women leader it requires the willingness and desire for a much larger energetic foot-print on this planet along with the ability to identify and own the culture she wants in her business or home and to do what it requires to make that happen.

It requires the skills of transparency, emotional intelligence (of self and others), a healthy undefended mindset, authentic power, and that desire to make a difference in the world.

Join me for a life-changing show.


Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, the founder of 4 companies and a licensed psychotherapist, supportsWomen Executivesthrough Leadership Coaching in getting out of their own way while recognizing and living their purpose as well as creating a culture of Purpose within their organizations.

In that light, Dorothy has supported highly successful women from all levels of success, Park Ave, NYC to a small town in Maine. Consequently, patterns and similarities in leadership are readily understood as she brings extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the table through her system, The 5 Archetypes of Leadership. Combining, this with her recognition that mindset and communication skills set us apart, and her ability to make the complicated simple, Dr. Dorothy brings her message in her role as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant.

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