Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased: 12 Questions and Dr. Turndorf’s Answers

1) If we reconnect to a deceased lover or spouse, does that prevent us from moving on and finding another life partner?

Answer: Our hearts are made to love. There is enough room in our hearts to love those in spirit and those who walk the earth.

2) If we open the door to the spirit realm, do we run the risk of meeting evil spirits?

Answer: Our hearts know the difference between good and evil. Besides, our loved ones in spirit act as our gatekeepers. Their goal is to protect us, shower us in love and help us to heal every corner of our souls.

3) Why do some spirits seem to come through stronger than others?

Answer: First, love is what I call the Currency of Connection. The closer the relationship in life, the easier it is for a spirit to come through to you. Second, when there is unfinished business, spirits will bang down our doors in order to get our attention in order to work it out with us!

4) You say your method diverges from traditional Western grief therapy. How so?

Answer: The Western approach to grief therapy consists of: grieve, let go and move on. And, if someone hasn’t snapped out of it in 6 months, he/she is assigned the psychiatric label: Complicated Grief Syndrome. This is appalling! My method, by contrast, invites the bereaved to reconnect and say hello, not good-bye.

5) You also say that traditional Western therapy offers no way of helping the bereaved heal unfinished business with the dead. How does your method differ?

Answer: Using my Dialoguing with the Departed technique, I show the bereaved how to literally talk to the dead and keep dialoging until their issues are resolved.

6) Will your method work if someone doesn’t believe in God or the afterlife?

Answer: Yes! The good news is my Dialoguing with the Departed technique can help even the most devout atheists to heal unfinished business with the dead! I share more than one example of this in Love Never Dies.

7) You say that traditional Christian teachings leave the bereaved at an even greater loss. What do you mean?

Answer: The church says that once in heaven our loved ones are permanently out of reach, and that we have to wait to die and enter heaven to reconnect with them. My husband has shown me that heaven is a state, not a place. Heaven is here and now. Much of these misguided ideas are the result of lingering, misguided medieval notions regarding devil worship. As a result, people are told that they should not and cannot connect with deceased loved ones. This is dead wrong!

8) Is there anything we can do to make it easier for our loved ones in spirit to connect with us?

Answer: Use every moment of this life to perfect your ability to love more fully. Because love is the Currency of Connection to the spirit realm, the better you love those who walk the earth, the easier it will be for you to connect with them in spirit form. But don’t worry. Even if you didn’t connect as well as you wish you had while they lived in a body, loved ones in spirit are more evolved. In spirit form, they are devoted to improving your relationship and making peace with you.

9) How can you tell if you’ve been contacted by a spirit?

Answer: I have an entire chapter that describes the intricate tapestry of signs that herald spirit presence. These include, sounds and scents, odd sensations, electronic devices doing unusual things, waves of love, gooseflesh, chills, butterflies, visions and apparitions, animals behaving oddly and dream visitations, to name a few.

10) Are there certain people who really need to reconnect and stay connected?

Answer: Parents who have lost children, children who have lost parents and the elderly, who may be reluctant to form another primary attachment, all need to reconnect and stay connected. In addition, anyone who has lost someone to sudden tragic illness or death has been robbed of the chance to say farewell. In all these cases, reconnecting is a lifeline.

11) Is there anything we can do while we’re still living to improve our ability to connect with those we will leave behind?

Answer: Leap off the ledge of love. Love with your entire heart while you walk this earth. Also, strive to be as open as you can. In the book, I offer detailed instructions and exercises on how to open up to spirit. The more you open your vessel, the easier it will be to receive and send signals.

12) And, is there anything we can do to make it easier for our loved ones in spirit to connect with us?

Answer: Be still. It is the stillness that we hear spirit. Also, try not to allow yourself to get too emotionally upset. Intense emotions block receptivity just as atmospheric storms block the reception of radio or TV signals.

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