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Dr. Jamie Turndorf is known to millions as Dr. Love, through her website AskDrLove.com—the web’s first and immensely popular relationship advice site since 1995. 

Dr. Jamie’s close call with lightning triggered her premature birth at 6 wirdmonths. Then, deliriously high childhood fevers held her in a state of grace, enabling her to dip into divine wisdom at will throughout her life and career. 

She tells her amazing story and introduces her groundbreaking healing method in her no. 1 international Hay House bestseller,  Love Never Dies. For nearly 3 years, her Love Never Dies radio show was the most listened to hour on the Hay House radio network. Her radio show is now syndicated on 5 of the top 10 US terrestrial radio markets, reaching 40 million people..  

Dr. Jamie is a human tuning fork who is a master at hearing the vibrations from the deepest depths of the soul. In a safe and loving way, she energetically lasers to the source of any energetic blockage, be it emotional, physical or spiritual, and releases it.

Working with Dr. Jamie extends beyond a traditional “reading” with a medium. She is a highly sensitive, skilled healer and doctor with 37 years of experience at helping people discover radical transformation in every area of their lives through her otherworldly insight, wisdom and ability to see into the soul’s depths.

Dr. Jamie is also a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader at the world’s top venues, such as 1440 Multiversity, Agape International, NY Open Center, Rythmia, Kripalu, assisting people worldwide in upgrading their energetic systems and re-entering their lives with love, passion, vibrancy, joy and prosperity.

I’m glad you’re here.

I know you’re here because life isn’t going the way you’d like it to.  

Maybe you’re feeling depressed or anxious.  

Or perhaps your moods are a rollercoaster.  

Maybe you can’t stop fighting with a family member, friend, lover or spouse…  

Or your relationship has lost its spark…  

Or possibly you’re grieving the loss of a loved one…

Or feeling frustrated in your career…  

Or maybe you have achieved success…  

You have people in your life who care about you.  

Yet, you feel your life is missing that essential something that makes you want to get up in the morning feeling excited about the day in front of you.  

You know there has to be something more. Something you were put on the earth to do, something that you know will make your soul sing and make the world a better place at the same time.  

No matter what you’re struggling with today, I can help.  

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step by reaching out to me.  

This isn’t easy to do. Believe it or not, the hardest part is over. You’ve already begun the process.  

And your solution is to schedule an Energetic System Upgrade™ session.  

In the session, I will scan your energy field and diagnose what is causing the dis-ease in your mind, body, spirit and/or emotions. And, I will provide you with an immediate energetic recalibration that will ignite the transformation you desire.  

I am dedicated to helping you turn your life around. I will stand by you till the job is done.

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Because magnesium is needed in over 1000 bodily functions, including all the electromagnetic actions of our cells, organs, heart and brain, I use transdermal magnesium in my Energetic System Upgrade™ sessions, webinars and workshops, and the healings are amazing.

After applying magnesium to your skin, you will feel an immediate sense of calm as the magnesium enters your bloodstream, activating the electrical circuits in your brain, heart and organs, and reversing the
chemical imbalances we all suffer. In this relaxed but electrically and
energetically plugged-in state, you are primed to experience your
Energetic System Upgrade™ in which I uncover and uproot whatever
physical, emotional or spiritual wound, trauma or unfinished business
you’re carrying.

I look forward to helping you experience your own Energetic System Upgrade™. Together, we will create a brighter future for you and the world.



I simply recommend Elektra Magnesium, which is the purest and most potent form of transdermal magnesium on the market.

The product manufacturer has generously arranged for you to receive a complimentary trial-size tube. You only cover the cost of postage/handling (US only).

When you purchase your Energetic System Upgrade™, you will have the option to add the product to your order.

You may sign-up for the session without adding the Mg. The Mg is suggested, not required.

The Grief Relief Sessions™ are a powerful way to jumpstart your reconnection and healing. During the Session, I devote 45-minutes to begin your reconnection, and we will begin your own Direct Dialogue. In the session, I will also identify whatever unfinished business needs to be healed, and get you started on the path to healing. I know how impactful and life-changing Direct Dialogue can be, and some of you are thinking: “Yes, This would help me so much!” If you are: 

Really serious about experiencing for yourself the healing magic of the Energetic System Upgrade™
Ready to heal your heart  
Want to experience an overflowing well of love, health and financial prosperity beyond your wildest dreams


In the past year, I have been using Elektra Transdermal Magnesium as the first step in my Grief Relief Sessions™, and the healings have been amazing.

Dr. Tenpenny healed a 45-year issue thanks to Dr. Jamie’s Energetic System Upgrade™
JOhn Gray

“Dr. Turndorf’s new therapeutic techniques are amazing. She shows us the way to heal our hearts and find lasting love.”

– John Gray,
Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Dr. Turndorf has written a remarkably moving chronicle of her own life, and uses it as a spiritually insightful guide to effectively help others.”

– Dannion Brinkley,
NY Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light and international lecturer

Jack Canfield

“Dr. Turndorf has relationships figured out. If you want a great relationship, you must listen to her show, read her book and follow her 10-step method for lasting love.”

– Jack Canfield,
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul billion-dollar book empire

“When Helen and I were fighting, we saw the top couples therapists, to no avail. If we ever get into trouble again, we’re calling you!”  

– Dr. Harville Hendrix, New York Times best-selling author of Getting the Love You Want and Founder of Imago Relationship Therapy.

Experts’ Testimonials

“In one Energetic System Upgrade™ with Dr. Jamie an issue that’s been nagging at me for 30 years is 80% gone.”  

– Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, Osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three medical specialities.  

“This is an important and timely book that will only become more so as we move forward into even deeper chaos and economic decline. Dr. Turndorf insightfully alerts the world to the most important solution: heavy magnesium treatments through oral and transdermal approaches. She nails it on the head with magnesium, for it is the neurological mineral that calms us down. It is indicated for depression, for those on suicide watch, anxiety, and PTSD. One cannot go wrong with magnesium. Just be sure to take enough of it to get the best results.”  

– Dr. Marc Sircus, Author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy  

“Dr. Jamie Turndorf puts together an excellent resource for those trying to understand how PTSD manifests itself in many people who do not understand its nature and, therefore, do not find the appropriate therapy for their health issues. Her book is an excellent source of information for all those questioning their emotional and physical health issues.”  

– Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of No Endings Only Beginnings and Love Medicine & Miracles  

“When we experience loss we need good therapy, which Dr. Turndorf provides in Love Never Dies. Her new therapeutic techniques are amazing. Dr. Turndorf shows us the way to heal our hearts and find lasting love.”  

– Dr. John Gray, Author of NY Times #1 bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, CEO and President of Hay House Publishing.  

“Dr. Turndorf has relationships figured out. If you want a great relationship, you must listen to her show, read her book and follow her 10-step method for lasting love.”  

– Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul billion-dollar book empire.

Energetic System Upgrade™ Testimonials

“Our experience had a powerful impact on healing related to my abusive (had to get that in there🥴) mother. “Not being allowed” to grieve the passing of my beloved grandmother had impact I never imagined. I spent a number of days crying and just staying in the grief. I realized I was
angry at my grandmother for leaving and furious with my mother for negating my feelings. Recognizing this I was able to work with it energetically, release it and forgive them and myself. My grandmother has shown up now as a guide!  I continue working on my “issues” with my mother but so much healing and growth has taken place.

I am grateful to have connected with you and “crack” this huge block in my system.

Love and blessings,”

– Francy

“Hi Jamie, The week end at 1440 with that group was amazing! I am still reeling from it in a good way. Many insights and dreams keep flooding my being. I am also listening to your book, Love Never Dies, and allowing a new way of looking at those who have left their body to settle in my psyche. Any fear of dying that I had seems to be gone, knowing that my consciousness just moves on to another realm.

The only survey I received from 1440 was about the facility itself and very little detail on the programming, although I did rate those at the highest level. Thank you!

I will continue to follow you on social media and will look for any future groups to participate in. Much Love,”

– Karen

“I took the survey from 1440 and gave you a well-deserved excellent review. The workshop was more than I imagined and, as long as I practice what I learned — which I have been doing — I know that I will only get better. My ego thanks you and so does my soul! Our local junior college has creative writing classes and I intend to sign up, so there’s progress already. 

I would be interested in learning more about the online groups, so please send me information. Thanks again for upgrading my electrical system. It needed it. After the class, I bought your book, Love Never Dies. Can’t wait to read it.


– Carol

“Hi Jamie, Thank you for sharing your healing wisdom and energy with our group at 1440. It was deep and powerful, even profound. I love your humor and your energy, and that you are grounded in real psychology as well as spirituality. Many thanks,”

– Kacey

“Dear Jamie, Our meeting and healing sessions at 1440 were transformational. I feel so blessed and grateful for the wisdom teaching that I was skillfully guided to receive by yourself.  Recognizing, feeling and then healing a core wound and faulty belief system continues to be so huge for me.  I have shared my experiences with you with my husband and a few close friends that I know will benefit.  Thank you again,”

– Rebecca

“Hello Jamie, I am forever grateful for such an amazing experience. Your truly a special healer and felt a great connection to the others in the group as well. 

I believe your workshop was the beginning of my awakening. The tools I left will provide me with great comfort and skills to continue working on my purpose. When you touched on the magnesium deficiency I was moved having been suffering from so many ailments, seeking out so many Dr’s being given pill after pill after pill with a revolving vicious cycle of physical, mental, and emotional pain with no clarity I believe I finally got the diagnosis I wish I would have gotten 25 years ago. 

I want to thank you wholeheartedly from the bottom of my heart for having the opportunity to be able to connect and impact people in the way that you do. Your work truly touched and changed me as an individual but also as a group. I am forever grateful for such a transforming healing experience. 

With Love,”

– Jen J.

“Hi Jamie,

I feel like I held down the rage towards my mom. But also in a way I didn’t feel like I had to perform either so that might’ve been growth as well. I still feel it (like a lump right at the bottom of my throat/top of my chest). I didn’t feel ready to let’r rip like Dan did. It’s ok I know and I have the next group session with you. I feel like seeing my mom in this light may still be somewhat new for me and I am processing.

I thought that the retreat/seminar was incredible and there was a wonderful energy about the group and all of the participants. You were great, open and your usual knowledgable self, guiding everyone through the experience.

I would love to do it again! It was like a new group for me but everyone was already primed and ready to jump in the deep end!

Big love and XX,”

– T.

“Tim’s additional growth two weeks after the 1440 Online Workshop:

This was such an amazing group. I realized that my sovereignty and my power will come from truly feeling the absolute disappointment and injustice of never getting what I needed from my mother. But my salvation will be in acknowledging that my mother as I knew her never was. She was never there in the way that I needed her to be. She was limited and hobbled in her emotional capacity. My rage towards her is my weakness. My sadness is my strength. My courage to be with my sadness is my strength. This makes sense because I didn’t have the strength to be with my sadness until now and this is why I have been in a vicious cycle.

Jamie, seeing you take your power and baptizing yourself with your own tears in the Mediterranean was so powerful to me. It was such a demonstration of resolve, willpower, strength, self determination and sovereignty.

I internalized this image for myself. I do have the strength to be with the sadness and mourning of my mother. I want to differentiate from my Mother/Father. My courage to be with this tremendous and heavy sadness is how outwardly and inwardly I can show Little Tim how ‘we’ are doing things differently; how we are taking a different path and separating, not out of desperate and impotent rage but out of true and deep understanding of the sadness and recognition of what I never had in the first place.


I love you.”

– T.

“I am grateful as well for the breakthrough Iexperienced regarding long- suppressed thoughts and emotions. It’s very unusual for me to share such intimate feelings with a new group and I truly appreciate the receptivity and support that everyone provided. I look forward to our next get together.”

– Dan

“Dan’s continued healing two weeks after the session:

That was a very powerful and energizing session. Being able to share the abusive social experience in a group setting I think was much more empowering than if I was just to share it in on 1-1 session.  Thank you for assembling such a varied and intuitive group.

Jamie- as it’s been two weeks since the Energetic System Upgrade™ I thought I’d check in with you and the group to share a couple of observations I’ve had that relate to my breakthrough during the session. First, I acted on the guidance you shared in our one on one session immediately following the group regarding using my new found courage to step directly into the line of my wife’s fury when it arises and to listen with compassion for the deeper meaning behind her anger instead of trying to combat it or avoid it. This new approach has impacted both of us. For me it is uncovering a new stronger identity, one that is grounded in emotion and more genuinely masculine and mature than before. For Kelly, I’ve noticed her anger dissipating more quickly than in the past and seen her start to ask for things she wants in a more direct way- like last night when she asked me simply if I wanted to go with her on a walk instead of asking with a demanding tone or just heading out on her own.

Standing in strength is also changing the dynamic that exists between us and our children. Before, I think I was expecting Kelly to parent me in a way and used to always side with the kids when it came to indulgences like sweets. I’ve started to exert my own authority in parenting our girls, however, and as such believe I’m taking some of the burden off of her. The result is that Kelly has softened, our kids aren’t running quite as rampantly around the house as they were before, and there’s a growing tone of calm and quiet that we haven’t had in our house for a long time.

I think it’s also important to share that this practice of standing tall in the face of fury has not been exactly easy. At first it felt like a leap of faith where I lead with my heart and hoped that whatever outward appearance I was wearing would be sufficiently convincing to overcome the long standing dynamic of conflict between us. But I’m gaining confidence with every encounter and anticipate that this way of showing up will become more and more natural over time.

Thanks again to you and the group for your support during that amazing session. I hope we all get the chance to meet again before too long.”

– Dan

“Hello Jamie,

Thank you for the invitation to the Energetic System Upgrade™ workshop.

It was incredible.  It helped me so much.  I was able to start the process of facing the man that fathered me.  To be able to start getting past the guilt trip he put on me as a young child.  Even though I am not ready to accept an apology from him, I feel so much better, healthier and stronger.

I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to meet new people who are also struggling with life situations because of traumatic experiences in the their past.  I was able to relate and feel their pain as well.  It was a connection that I will never forget.

The 4 hours went by so quickly.  A regroup meeting sounds like a plan.

Please feel free to share my comments with the rest of the group.

With deep gratitude and best regards.”

– Kathy

“Hi Jamie,

Thank you very much for our Energetic System Upgrade™ call! I am so glad you encouraged me to attend. As you predicted, I related to everyone‘s experience.

It was amazing to discover that there was a part of my story in something that each person shared. I’ve learned more about the belief (that I have) that the people I love leave me because something is inherently wrong with me I learned more about my fear of abandonment. Also about my guilt for my murderous rage towards my mother and even my ex-husband’s rage towards his mother turned into me. Wow!

I believe we all felt connected and that no one wanted to leave the call! What an amazing gift of healing. I’m savoring the feelings now.

Thank you all!  What an eye-opener and a day of healing it was for me. Having related to everything that I did, it helped me to realize the impact being an empath has had on my life. I also related to, and acknowledged my own “playing it small”,  to avoid jealousy/being hated. I forgot to mention that in my summary. 

You wouldn’t know it by how freely I shared, but I normally avoid groups! I consider it fate that we were together. I really would like to meet again.

Have a wonderful week! 

Much Love,”

– Dee

“Dr Jamie,

Thank you yet again. Our one on one session years ago shifted and healed a grief in me that I’d been carrying just below the surface since I was 10 years old, and it hasn’t come back. Now my 2nd group session, both equally powerful.

This group was a great experience, amazing how easily we were all able to connect. Fantastic to see how everyone shifted within the session. Lovely to get and share feedback.

I went into the workshop frustrated at not taking care of myself as much as I support and help others, basically (unnecessarily) neglecting myself.

My work is Rapid Transformational Therapy, and now I’ve decided to treat myself like I do my clients/friends/family, I’m giving myself that attention for the very first time. Oy!

The similarity we shared, that we are all still profoundly affected by a childhood treatment, made me think that it’s time to let go, it really doesn’t serve any purpose for me anymore. There were things that definitely weren’t right, but somehow I’m here, miraculously survived it all, as we all did, it could have been better (should have been better!) but, what the heck, I’m here now.

After the session I fell asleep – and slept for hours!!! Anyone else? Definitely more relaxed, I’ve taken the pressure off myself.

Thank you all, best wishes,”

– Espi C.

“My biggest challenge has been to put my rational brain aside. After the Grief Relief Session™, I learned how to consciously switch to the spirit channel in my brain. Then, my husband came to me in a visitation, and he helped me open up even more. I literally felt my brain switching to the right channel, and I heard the click. Then, I felt a wind rushing through my body, starting at my crown chakra, and then an electric jolt went through me, and then I felt like I was being hugged and held by my husband and then I reached out my hand, and I felt his face. What an amazing gift you brought me. Thank you!”

– Espi C.

“I was convinced that I would never be able to reconnect with my husband. Since his death, I hadn’t felt him at all. In my Grief Relief Session™, I was actually afraid to even try to dialogue with him, for fear that I wouldn’t hear or sense him. Thanks to Dr. Turndorf’s persistent encouragement, I finally bit the bullet and accepted to dialogue with him. And, a miracle happened for me! I felt my husband come through right away!!!! That was the beginning of my new life. And, I went on to continue to hone my skills further. I am so eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf for offering this life-changing experience to me and the world. Now I don’t cry all the time. And when I do cry, it’s tears of joy.”

– Trish B.

“I was so depressed when my son committed suicide that I started drinking and taking sleeping pills. I collapsed, fell on my head and had a brain bleed. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was sent to a grief therapist. She told me to let go of my son, and I got even more depressed. Then I found Dr. Turndorf and she showed me how to reconnect and dialogue with my son. Being a traditional Catholic, I was so worried that he was in hell for having committed suicide. In no time, my son came through with a message that Dr. T was reluctant to share, my being a Catholic and all. Finally, she repeated that he said his wife was twisting his balls in a knot and he had no other way to escape her. These were the exact words that he said to me the week before he took his life! He went on to reassure me that he was fine. Needless to say, all my pain and fear for his soul disappeared. Now I am learning how to reconnect and dialogue with him every day. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf for this incredible gift.”

– Lillian B.

“When I came to Dr. Turndorf, I was drowning in grief. It had been years and I was still irrationally angry with my daughter for dying and leaving me. A formerly devout Catholic, I had turned my back on God too. Dr. Turndorf told me that reconnecting to my daughter in spirit would eliminate my anger, because I’d realize that she’s never left me. I was skeptical but I allowed myself to trust Dr. Turndorf and open to her method. And, voila, my daughter has been with me ever since. My anger is gone and my heart is filled with joy and hope for the first time in years. Use her method and you will find peace too. Thank you, thank, you, Dr. Turndorf!”

– Christine H.

“My husband and I came to Dr. Turndorf thinking we needed help on our marriage. He felt neglected by me. And no wonder. I had been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders since my dad died when I was a teen and took over the role of caring for my mom and siblings. Dr. Turndorf told me that if I, along with the rest of my family, allowed dad to re-enter our lives I could let go of the father role. To confirm how right she was, right in front of our eyes, my dad began making her battery back up machine beep like crazy. BUT there was no power failure, and no logical reason for the machine to be beeping. Dr. Turndorf said that it was my dad’s way of confirming he’s here and in agreement. She said that once we acknowledge his message, he’ll stop the racket. As soon as she said that, the machine stopped beeping! Then, Dr. Turndorf showed me how to recognize all the signs of spirit presence, and, in no time, I began to see, hear and feel dad all around me. I was finally able to let go and stop running the show. I’m in peace and my marriage is healed. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf. Read this book and use her method. It will heal your heart and life.”

– Tina G.

“Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful session today. I was amazed that you picked up so much about my heart being blocked. I’m still processing the depth of the information and emotion. I have been on a spiritual journey for about 5 years and during and after our talk I catapulted forward based on what you were able to touch on during our meditation connecting with my Dad. Thank you so much. I look forward to continuing our work together.”

– Margaret T.

“I was listening to Dr. Turndorf on Hay House radio and it was as if my mother was pushing me to get in touch with her – so I did.

As her second birthday and the holiday season was approaching I was really struggling. When I spoke with Dr. Turndorf she said you are “drowning in your grief”.

She asked me if I wanted to dialogue with mother and I said yes. I was crying and missing her so that I was blocking the connection. Then I told her I loved her through my tears. The next thing that happened was I started laughing. My mother was always laughing and she knew how to have lots of fun. I knew this was my mother making my laugh. It felt like she was tickling me from the inside. I instantly felt my sadness melt away. What a miracle! Much Love,”

– Marnie G.
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