What are these feelings?

I have had crushes all my life, and I even fell in love once. Some months ago, I casually met this guy, and somehow, something just clicked from the first couple times we interacted. Heck, from the very first time we did, I said something funny and he snort-laughed and I just knew. He just felt

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The Upside of Being Trapped at Home

I always look for the upside to every downturn in my life. Then it hit me: There is an overlooked upside to the mandatory self-isolation. Now that you’re not rushing every minute, you can truly open your eyes, perhaps for the first time in your life, and see the signs of spirit that you’ve been

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Every living being craves love, endless love

But the road to love is paved with many potholes. Emotional and physical neglect and abuse during childhood… The recreation of old traumas in our adult relationships, adding salt to old wounds… Andthe stress of a lifetime of disconnection and disharmony depletes our physical bodies of one particularly essential essential nutrient. The lack of this

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