Why Priests Don’t Want You Reconnecting with Those in Spirit

Do you believe that reconnecting with loved ones in spirit is the same as opening the door to the devil?

If you said, “yes,” then I’m guessing you were raised in the Christian faith”¦

But, I bet you didn’t know that the Bible actually tells us that we should reconnect with those in spirit.

So, why on earth would the Church preach such nonsense that runs contrary to the teachings of the Bible?

First off, let me explain how I know that the Bible encourages us to reconnect with loved ones in spirit.

On the day before my husband Jean’s funeral, I met with his priest to prepare the readings for the funeral. I told the priest that Jean had spoken to me the night before.

The priest lifted his brow in obvious skepticism.

I then quoted exactly what Jean had told me.

The priest blanched and crossed himself. He said, “Dear God, at first I didn’t believe that Jean was speaking to you, but I do now.”

The priest told me that I quoting the dying words of St. Dominic, which are used in the Catholic catechism to affirm the Communion of Saints. At the time, the priest didn’t tell me the significance of the passage, and I was too befuddled at that moment to ponder why Jean had shared this passage since this was the only religious material he’d ever quoted to me before.

A year after Jean quoted the words of St. Dominic, I reflected on why he chose to quote this and only this passage. Suddenly, I understood why. He was a religious pioneer in life and continues to be one in the afterlife. Those words supporting the doctrine of the Communion of Saints explain that our deceased loved ones are in communion with””are at one with””God and the saints and all other spirit beings and angels, depending upon our orientation.

Jean quoted this passage to confirm an essential truth. Because we’re expected to love and engage in ongoing communication with God and the saints, and because our deceased loved ones are at one with God and the saints, we are therefore meant to continue loving and communicating with our loved ones who have passed over.

In other words, Jean wants the world to know that the Catholic Church and the entire Christian world has misinterpreted the Bible.

It is the Communion of Saints that tells us to reconnect and stay connected to our loved ones in spirit!

So, I recently asked Jean, “Why would the church want to block us from reconnecting by instilling fear of the devil in us?

Jean told me, “It’s simple. There’s big money in fear.”

What he means by this is: If we believe what the church says– that the devil can masquerade as our loved ones in spirit, then we will feel too afraid to establish our own direct relationship with spirit. In other words, instilling this fear leads to our believing that we have no choice but to rely on a priest to act as our intercessor to God and spirit. And this fear forces us to keep coming back to church–and keep making donations that fill the Church’s coffers! That’s what Jean means by there’s big business in fear.

If you are grieving the bodily loss of a loved one, please don’t allow the Church or any priest to prevent you from reconnecting with your loved ones in spirit.

It is my mission to help everyone learn how to reconnect with their loved ones in spirit.

As you will soon see, reconnecting is the only way to lift your grief.

And, in the case that you have some unfinished business, my Dialoguing with your Departed technique enables you to heal in body, mind, spirit and emotion!

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