The Upside of Being Trapped at Home

I always look for the upside to every downturn in my life.

Then it hit me: There is an overlooked upside to the mandatory self-isolation.

Now that you’re not rushing every minute, you can truly open your eyes, perhaps for the first time in your life, and see the signs of spirit that you’ve been missing.

For example, the other day I was doing a Zoom session with my beloved coach, Candi.

Jean, my husband in spirit, often reminds her that he’s watching over her through wild animals, especially male cardinals.

As I was sitting outside on my lanai, doing the session with Candi, I suddenly felt Jean asking me to remind her that he’s watching over her right now. At the same time, I heard Jean tell me that he is bringing me our beloved little Canary, Fluffy, who Jean and I had to put down, through a cardinal that he will send to me.

I told Candi what I heard and sensed.

Suddenly, a beautiful male cardinal appeared on my lanai!

I was flabbergasted by how close he came.

He began to sing his heart out. I turned the camera so Candi could see him.

At this point, I felt moved to tell Candi about the day that Jean and I stayed overnight at the Silvermine Tavern Hotel in Connecticut. It was dusk and I went for a walk while Jean stayed in the room.

Suddenly a male and female cardinal appeared and began dancing excitedly at my feet.

They stayed with me for an hour!

I finally said, “It’s not safe for you to stay out this late. I’m going to name you, Chuck, for the boy, and Candi, for the girl. Tomorrow, I will come back with Jean and let you meet him. I’ll call your names when I get here so you will know when to fly back to me.”

The next day, I asked Jean to walk with me to the same spot.

When we arrived at the spot, I said aloud, “Candi and Chuck come back to me now.”

In the distance, we heard the cardinals’ flight songs. And in a minute or so they were back and dancing at my feet like the night before!”

Jean was flabbergasted.

Around this time, Jean noticed that our little Canary, Fluffy, would wiggle his beak in order to communicate with me. In fact, Fluffy and I began having entire conversations using this special sign language. When he would say, “Thank you” his beak would open twice. When he said, “I love you” his beak opened three times.

To return to my lanai, and the singing cardinal. With the camera of my computer pointing at this darling cardinal, Candi and I saw the most amazing thing…After he finished his song, he wiggled his beak three times to say, “I love you.” Jean had told me that Fluffy would be coming through a cardinal!

Then he flew away and joined his mate. Then, I heard them signing to each other.

In this magical manifestation, Jean was blessing Candi, confirming he’s watching over her, while at the same time blessing me with confirmation of his presence. Telling me that our canary wouild be coming through the cardinal and then having the cardinal wiggle his beak as Fluffy used to do was Jean’s way of saying he and I and Fluffy are still together, living heaven now.

What a gift for me and for Candi!

By the way, it didn’t go unnoticed that I had named the female cardinal, Candi, decades before I met Candi and trained her to be one of my coaches.

These gifts happen on a daily basis.

How many magical spirit manifestations have you missed over the decades due to always running on high speed?

For all the downsides of the enforced slow-down, why not spend time opening up your senses to spirit.

The way to do this is to sit in silence, while observing nature. Allow the eyes and ears of your heart to truly see and hear the love that surrounds you.

I know that you will be amazed to discover that your loved ones in spirit are all around you, showering you with signs of their continued loving presence.

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