Love Never Dies ”“ Dr. Jamie Turndorf at The Awakened Goddess

Here’s what Dr. Jamie and I talk about:

  • Her out-of-body experience and meeting the man she’d marry
  • The premonition of her husband’s death
  • Ways her husband communicated with her

    • Thought induction/mind melding
    • Through a squirrel
    • Through electronics ”“ Ring, Ring!
  • False beliefs we must resolve to reconnect

    • We’re not supposed to reconnect with those in spirit
    • The Communion of Saints says “Our loved ones in Spirit are one with/communion with God and the Saints”
    • If you reconnect with your loved ones, you can’t move on with your life
    • You’re preventing them from moving on
  • Heaven is a state not a place
  • Death is an illusion
  • We all communicate energetically every day
  • 95% of our Universe is comprised of dark matter (doesn’t reflect light)
  • If the mind can’t comprehend something it’s Divine
  • Steps to reconnect

    • Create a state of receptivity ”“ be still and quiet
    • Spirit beings are pure energy and are constantly sending you communication, signs and messages through your 5 senses.
    • Tune into nature
    • Recognize the signs
  • Communication comes through

    • Sounds, smells, nature, animals
  • Certain groups must reconnect and stay connected

    • Parents who have lost children
    • Children who have lost parents
    • Elderly who are unlikely to form another primary attachment
    • Those who’ve lost someone to sudden tragic illness or death
  • Sometimes we are unable to resolve issues until someone passes

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