You Time With Kim Iversen

Guest Appearance on Your Time With Kim Iversen August 14th

You Time With Kim IversenOn Tuesday, August 14th at 10, I once again had the pleasure of being a guest on the syndicated radio talk show “Your Time with Kim Iversen”. I took a number of calls from Kim’s fans to help them tackle a variety of relationship issues.

If you’re not familiar with Kim, her nightly talk radio show is focused on women’s lifestyle and relationships topics that intimately affect their lives, and she’s known by her fans as their “Best Girlfriend.”

Although the show is focused on relationship issues–often delving into her own personal life for both serious and humorous anecdotes–Kim also discusses kids, family, work and topical news. The show often features relationship experts (that’s me!), authors, and experts on beauty, fashion and fitness.  Presented with an engaging and self-revealing humor, Kim’s fans tune in for her intelligent insights on various topics and problems and to laugh along with her about her own personal dating and relationship experiences.

This show is growing, but is currently in 14 cities including Portland (KRSK), Denver (KALC), Austin (KAMX), Wichita (KFBZ), Memphis (WMC), Milwaukee (WMYX), Indianapolis (WZPL), Buffalo (WTSS), and Norfolk (WPTE).

To find out if the show is broadcast in your area and how you can tune in or call in on the 24th, check the listings on Kim’s Web site at . You can also listen to her show live from her Web site.

The link to the Augest 14th show on which I last appeared is: ; All of her archived  shows can also be accessed through iTunes

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