Every living being craves love, endless love

But the road to love is paved with many potholes.

Emotional and physical neglect and abuse during childhood…

The recreation of old traumas in our adult relationships, adding salt to old wounds…

Andthe stress of a lifetime of disconnection and disharmony depletes our physical bodies of one particularly essential essential nutrient. The lack of this nutrient leads to dis-ease in every aspect of our lives.

I’ll explain more in a moment.

But, first, let me backtrack for a second and say that I have a bias against Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. My entire life, I’ve used natural remedies to treat my patients as well as myself. That said, I’ve been disappointed more often than not by the limited success derived from many natural remedies. It’s for this reason, that I was skeptical that trans-dermal magnesium would significantly impact my health and the health of my friends, family members and patients.

Boy was I wrong!

I tested the magnesium on myself first. I used the cream on my face and saw an amazing regeneration of my skin, which was dry and wrinkling due to long-term Retinol cream use. Within a day, my skin was like a baby’s behind. No exaggeration!

Having developed hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) following years on the Ketogenic diet, I also applied the cream to my throat. My medical doctor had been coercing me to take prescription thyroid medication. I resisted. After a month of applying the trans-dermal cream on the area of my thyroid, I had my thyroid tested. My doctor was flabbergasted to see that my TSH had dropped into normal range. An elevated TSH level is a symptom of low thyroid function, and there it was in black and white: my TSH was normal! And, my thyroid levels had gone up. 

Having seen the results for myself, I recommended the magnesium to my 86-year-old mother. She applied the cream to her face, and especially on her cheeks, which were completely sunken due to collagen loss. She called me two days later and said her cheeks were no longer sunken! She went on to say that her varicose veins, which had been painful and unsightly, were nearly invisible and no longer painful. And, the pain in her back and legs was much improved. Next, she applied the cream on her thyroid, which was also not functioning properly. After a month, her doctor had to reduce her thyroid medication!

By this point, I was a believer.

And, I became a magnesium evangelist, literally speaking about and recommending magnesium wherever I went. Each time I wax on, people ask if I will sell them some cream, lotion or oil. Each time, I have to say, “I’m not a distributor,” because I’m not! I’m just spreading the word because I know the world needs to hear this news.

Next, I began recommending the magnesium to my patients, who have experienced their own health miracles. One patient, who was constipated since childhood, applied the magnesium on her stomach and, voila, she’s been regular ever since. 

Another patient of mine, a medical doctor, had her mother, also an MD in her 80’s who has been bedridden for years from spinal stenosis pain, apply the magnesium on her mother’s back. Mom’s was out of bed for the first time in years!

Yet another patient of mine who has suffered depression, anxiety, and intolerable food cravings and binge eating was unable to accept my suggestion that she eliminate carbs from her diet because her cravings made it impossible for her to control her intake. In fact, uncontrollable food cravings are caused by low GABA. So, I had the idea to start her on the magnesium because I know that magnesium is a GABA precursor, meaning that magnesium is necessary in order for the body to produce GABA. I was sure that within a week on the magnesium her cravings would be gone and she would be able to switch her diet naturally, which is exactly what happened.

Finally, I asked the man I’ve fallen in love with, a four-time Afghanistan veteran, to try trans-dermal magnesium. Among other issues, he has been unable to sleep through the night since returning from his last tour of duty 15 years ago. One dosing of the magnesium and he was out like a light for the entire night. He said he nearly missed getting up for work! The scientific explanation for his experience is simply this: magnesium is a powerful central nervous system tranquilizer. It truly is tranquility in a tube!

After all these life-changing experiences, I then began searching the medical literature and found, to my surprise, a great deal of double-blind research proving the benefits of this master mineral, which is needed for over 600 bodily functions. 

Magnesium is as vital to our survival as the air we breathe and the water we drink. In the months and years to come, I am convinced we are going to realize that all the “medical” conditions people suffer, such as heart rhythm disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), seizures, childhood abuse, mood disturbances (such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder) and even PTSD are actually a magnesium deficiency in disguise. 

One more point, stress depletes the body’s magnesium stores. And since our modern era is rife with stress, it is no exaggeration to say that we are all magnesium deficient. And once we become deficient, we can’t easily reverse the deficiency using oral magnesium because our digestive tracts cannot properly absorb magnesium in this form. This is why trans-dermal magnesium administration is the only effective way to reverse the conditions that are the direct result of magnesium deficiency.

I have become such a devotee of trans-dermal magnesium that I now write a column in “Masters of Health” magazine (mastersofhealthmag.com). In the column, I report the latest magnesium success stories of my friends, family members, patients and research study subjects.  

Now, to return to my original statement about the universal craving for connection and how trans-dermal magnesium figures into the equation.

Our bodies, minds and hearts are electrical machines.

Our hearts require magnesium to fire correctly. This is why doctors inject magnesium directly into the heart muscles of patients experiencing heart attacks. The magnesium literally fires the heart and makes it beat correctly again.

It recently occurred to me because we are deficient in magnesium we can’t even begin to connect to othersfrom our hearts until our hearts are fired by restoring proper magnesium levels.

So, I had the idea that jumpstarting our hearts using trans-dermal magnesium is the first-step to a total energetic system upgrade.

I tested my theory by running an experiment on one of my depressed and anxious patients. Words alone weren’t reaching her.

I asked her apply the trans-dermal magnesium right on her heart. Then, the most amazing thing happened.

She told me in our next session a week later that she felt that someone had turned on the lights in her brain and fired her heart. Suddenly, for the first time in her life, she said she felt love for herself and all of humanity.

That was all the confirmation I needed!

I was confirmed in my theory that magnesium is literally a chemical paddle that jumpstarts our hearts and souls.

In my groundbreaking workshop at 1440 Multiversity, you will have the chance to experienceyour own Energetic System Upgrade.

First, we’ll jumpstart the cells in your brain, body and heart.

Then, when you’re electrically plugged in, you will be primed to absorb my proven skills and techniques forcommunicating and connecting to others from your heart and soul.

Join me and experience this revolutionary and effortless way to experience your very own total body Energetic System Upgrade that will open the door of your heart to boundless love and connection to those on Earth and spirit planes, and an overflowing well of joy and prosperity in every area of your life.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf no. 1 Bestselling Author of Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased, host of the Dr. Turndorf: Turn on the Love TV show on Binge Networks and the “Love Never Dies” radio show on DreamVisions Radio Network.


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