Are You Secretly Dreading the New Year

If you have lost a loved one, I bet you’re dreading the New Year”¦

Believe me, I know how feel.

Right after my beloved Jean left his body, a dreadful image kept appearing in my mind.

It was the image of my future, which I saw as a long black road unspooling to the horizon. The road was surrounded by empty desert on all sides.  

When you think of the upcoming year, without your loved one, I imagine you see something similar.

Maybe you’re also telling yourself:

What’s the point of living?


I have nothing to look forward to”¦

If these thoughts aren’t bad enough, you have to contend with the things friends and family say to try to cheer you up”¦

What they say makes you feel even more depressed, doesn’t it?

I know your loved ones mean well, but sadly, they have been infected by the dysfunctional way we Westerners handle grief.

Maybe you’ve been told to get rid of your loved ones belongings and get back into life”¦

Or join a club”¦

Or even start dating again.

Essentially, all this well-meaning advice boils down to telling you to make a new life without your loved one.  

Well, beginning a New Year from the perspective of forging ahead without your beloved is beyond depressing. This is that lonely road in the desert.

So, this New Year I want you to make the resolution to choose the road less traveled.   

This less traveled road is the road that leads you back to your loved one in spirit.

In order to take this road, you must embrace the truth that we don’t die. We just leave our bodies.

Even mainstream science is coming around to the truth that when we shed the “turtle shell” of our bodies our soul essence moves into the 95% of our universe that quantum physicists call the Dark Matter.

Communicating with your loved one in the Dark Matter is nothing more than the sending and receiving of energetic communications.

And, make no mistake. You were born with the innate ability to communicate energetically. You do so every day without realizing it”¦

Think about what happens when you stop your car at a stoplight. Have you ever noticed that when you look over at the driver in the car next to you, that driver always looks back at you?


Because he/she senses the energetic frequency of your gaze.

Sending and receiving communications to and from the Dark Matter is the exact same thing.

All you need to do is perfect your God-given innate abilities to energetically communicate.

I will admit it requires some practice to beef up your psychic muscle.

But, the good news is, the more your psychic muscle is in shape, the easier it’s going to be for you to perceive the signs and communications your loved one is sending you every day.

And, the easier it will be for you to send communications back to your loved one in spirit.

If you’re ready to stop dreading the New Year and all the New Years to come”¦

Then, I invite you to make the resolution to get off the lonely desert road”¦

And instead take the road that leads you back to your loved one in spirit.

It’s my mission to teach you how to tune to the spirit channel in your brain and beef up your psychic muscles, so you can reconnect and communicate with your loved one in spirit.

To get started, I am offering you a gift!

Free access my Love Never Dies meditation audio:

As you will soon see, reconnecting is the secret ingredient for transforming your grief to joy in this New Year. 

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PPS: Love Never Dies is now in audio format (read by me!). For many people who are newly bereaved and the elderly, reading a book is difficult. Hearing a book is easier. So make sure to share the audio with those you love.

PPPS: Love Never Dies is also now in 34 languages. So make sure to let grieving friends and family members who don’t speak English know about this!

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