Long Distance

I commend you for wanting to do what’s needed to make-up with her. By the way, I just launched my new book Make-Up Don’t Break Up This is right up your alley. I suggest your downloading it right away. Not only will the book help you get out of the fix you’re in now, it …

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Can I change this?

The issue isn’t whether you made the decision too quickly. The issue is that you are allowing your parents to dictate your life. You said, “They will not accept us together in the future.” And, “Their acceptance really matters to me, and I won’t be able to move forth in the relationship without them saying …

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Regarding sex life after marriage

Please note, Dr. Jamie Turndorf personally answers the questions submitted to her advice column! You are clearly saying that your husband prefers masturbation to intercourse. While he says that you are too tight to penetrate, he is able to penetrate you 8-9 times a year on special occasions. He also says his wish to penetrate …

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