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Do You Fear Your Grief Will Never End?

Contrary to popular belief, time doesn't heal grief.

In fact, time makes grief worse!

Why do I say this?

Because when you form a strong love bond with another person, that bond is for life. Your loved one's bodily departure doesn't alter that bond.

In other words, you aren’t meant to be separated from those you love. And, the longer you go without connecting to your loved one, the worse you feel, and the worse your grief becomes.

And, the only way to end the grief is to reconnect and stay connected.

So, if you want your grief to end, you must keep the thread of connection alive. And, to do this, you must continue weaving the thread of connection into the tapestry of your current life and daily rituals, so that you continue making new memories with those in spirit rather than reminiscing over old memories, which only makes you more sad.

Tune-in and find out how you can reconnect today!

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