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People all over the world are experiencing remarkable reconnections with their loved ones in spirit after attending Dr. Turndorf’s Love Never Dies retreats and workshops, based on her number one international bestselling Hay House book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

March 3/17 - 3/22

Three Reasons Women Over 50 Continue to Be Overwhelmed by Sadness Over
the Death of Their Loved Ones Because they haven't learned how to reconnect with their loved one in

Join Dr. Jamie Turndorf and discover how to overcome the 3 blocks to reconnecting and staying connected!

MARCH 17 - 22, 2017

Lecture, Workshop and Private Sessions with #1 International Best Selling Author Dr. Jamie Turndorf
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Lecture: Dr. Jamie Turndorf
March 17, 2017
7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
460 46th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33703 United States


Dr. Jamie Turndorf, known by millions as Dr. Love through her website and syndicated radio show, and host of the #1 Hay House Radio Show shares her own amazing love story for the ages with Emile Jean Pin, internationally renowned former Jesuit priest who the Dalai Lama named as one of the 50 men of all time who was one with God. Jean’s astonishing after-death manifestations proved to her that we don’t die and our relationships aren’t meant to end with bodily death. So, Dr. Turndorf created her groundbreaking new grief therapy method, which offers the first vehicle for reconnecting and even making peace with the deceased, without the assistance of a medium, channeler or psychic.

As you will discover, your loved ones are waiting for you to open the door of your heart and let them back in. Find out how to overcome the false beliefs that block our ability to reconnect, create a state of
receptivity and recognize the signs of spirit of presence. The talk concludes with a live demonstration in which Dr. Turndorf invites a member of the audience to Dialogue with the Departed to heal unfinished

Lecture: $25 early bird pricing until February 24; $30 after February 24.
Workshop: Dr. Jamie Turndorf
19 March
1:30 pm — 4:00 pm
460 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33703 United States


When we leave our bodies, our soul energy continues to live on. Communicating with those in spirit is nothing more than the sending and receiving of energetic signals. This workshop will teach you how to tune to the “Spirit Channel” of your brain to tap into your God-given, innate ability to energetically communicate with those in spirit. Participants will also be guided to use Dr. Turndorf’s Dialoguing with the Departed technique in order to: say farewell to the physical body of someone who was ripped away suddenly; obtain guidance; and even heal unfinished business.

People all over the world are experiencing remarkable reconnections and relationship healing with their loved ones in spirit after attending Dr. Turndorf’s Love Never Dies Retreats and her live Love Never Dies workshops, based on her #1 international bestselling Hay House book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.Workshop: $75 early bird pricing until February 24; $95 after February 24.
Private Sessions with Dr. Jamie Turndorf
Monday, March 20 – Wednesday, March 22 from 10am-6pm
Call for appointment: (727) 527-2222 x100

May 12-14, 2017

Conflict is inevitable in our intimate relationships. Most of us believe that conflict and fighting are synonymous, but they are, in fact, very different.

Whenever our needs or wishes are thwarted, a state of conflict results. Anger can arise. It is how we handle that anger that determines if a conflict turns into a fight.

Join relationship expert and best-selling author Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) and learn a gentle, loving, and successful approach to resolving conflicts with friends, family members, partners, or colleagues.

Throughout the weekend you begin moving toward closer, stronger relationships through:

Gaining understanding of the chemistry of fighting
Practicing identifying and eliminating fight traps
Exploring how to heal childhood scars that fuel arguments
Building confidence to address the sexual needs of your partner and yourself
Deepening your capacity for empathy and listening
Learning how to initiate positive confrontations and constructive negotiations
These methods help couples who are young or older, gay or straight, married or dating. Bereaved individuals may use them to resolve unfinished business with those in spirit.

October 22-29, 2017

Dr. Turndorf will be hosting a week-long Love Never Dies Workshop that will teach you:

How to recognize all the ways that those in spirit reach out to you through dreams, mind melding (aka thought induction) and through a nearly infinite array of signs.

How spirit communicates with you through Open Vessels (people who are particularly open to spirit) and animals — domestic and wild –because they are what Dr. Turndorf calls natural Open Vessels.

How loved ones in spirit communicate using Earthly Props, which are electronic devices such as electric lights, computers and telephones.

After this, you will learn how to overcome the false beliefs and religious teachings that block you from reconnecting with your loved ones in spirit.

The first obstacle to overcome is the false belief that many Christians have been taught that we aren’t supposed to reconnect with those in spirit. To rebut this belief, Dr. Turndorf reveals her husband’s stunning after-death communication that proves what we’ve been told about the afterlife is dead wrong, including his shattering biblical reference proving that the bible actually instructs us to reconnect and stay connected with those in spirit!

Next, to help attendees understand how spirit communication occurs, Dr. Turndorf links the latest quantum physics research proving that 95% of our universe is comprised of what’s called dark matter or dark energy with Einstein’s discovery that energy cannot be destroyed. To simplify, when we shed the turtle shell of our physical bodies, the energy of our souls simply moves into the dark matter.

As Dr. Turndorf shows, communicating with spirit is nothing more than sending and receiving energetic signals, which we all do on a daily basis. The ability to extend our energetic communications to those in spirit simply involves learning how to tune to what Dr. Turndorf calls the “Spirit Channel” of our brains.

To access the Spirit Channel, Dr. Turndorf shows you:

-How to Create a State of Receptivity through what she calls Pockets of Peace Moments.

-How to breathe in order to invite spirit in, the right way to pray, how to surrender to your emotional states without allowing your emotions to wash you overboard, and how to harness the power of nature and twilight states–the time just before sleep and just upon awakening.

-How to heighten the five senses. This is vital as spirit is constantly sending signs to all of our senses. The more open our senses are, the more we can perceive the signs that spirits are sending us all the time.

-How to recognize the signs of spirit presence your life. Using examples from life with her husband in spirit, Dr. Turndorf shares the myriad signs of spirit presence. For many, just becoming aware of the signs is sufficient to begin the process of reconnecting.

At this point, you will discover the most revolutionary aspect of the Love Never Dies method–learning to establish a back-and-forth, two-sided communication with spirit using her revolutionary Dialoguing with the Departed technique.

Dr. Turndorf will show how to use human and animal Open Vessels and Earthly Props in the form of electronic devices in order to facilitate back-and-forth dialogues, and also show you how to engage in two-sided oral and written dialogues in order to:

-Say farewell to the physical body (in the case that someone was ripped from you due to sudden accidental death or illness)

-Obtain support and guidance

And, finally, because Dr. Turndorf knows that traditional Western grief therapy offers us no way of resolving unfinished business that millions of people harbor toward those who have passed, her workshop culminates in guiding attendees to use her Dialoguing with the Departed technique to heal any unfinished business that remains, so true healing can take place.

As you will soon discover, you are not supposed to live in an emotional wasteland separated from those you love, waiting until you “die” and enter heaven in order to be reunited. As Dr. Turndorf’s husband told her soon after his bodily departure, “Death is an illusion. There is a very thin veil between the realm where you are and the realm where I am.” And, most importantly, “Heaven is a state, not a place. Heaven is all around us. Heaven is here and now.” This is means that you are meant to reconnect and stay connected with your loved ones in spirit right now!

Working with Dr. Turndorf extends beyond a traditional “reading” with a medium. Dr. Turndorf is a highly sensitive, skilled doctor with 34 years of experience at helping people transform their lives. Her Love Never Dies workshop and Dialoguing with the Departed technique brings a radical new form of spiritual relationship therapy that will enable you to reconnect, heal unfinished business, dissolve your grief and transform every aspect of your life.