What should i do? move on or try to get him.. :(

Everything was goin great.. me and this guy were talkin for like a month..he took me out on dates like to eat or movies or games.. it was awesome :) i really thought he was goin to ask me out sooner or later.. then... out of nowhere he told me i lied to him.. he said a girl told him that i wasnt a virgin.. :( he believed her. Im still one. I told him since the beginnin.. he didnt believe in me and he even told me to my face :/ it hurt me soo much that i decided not to talk to him again. i know what i am and it jus hurts my heart that he didnt believe me. We were really happy talkin but that girl ruined it. he didnt wanna tell me who told him cause he didnt want drama wit me and her. i told him i wasnt gona beg him. its been 3 weeks i havent talkd  to him...and i miss him :( i havent textd him or called him. what should i do? 

just leave all that stuff like that or talk to him at least to say hi.. please help.

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