Is There Hope for Me and My Ex?

Me and my ex boyfriend were together for a very happy 3 and a half years, a couple of months ago he said he wanted to end it as he didn't know who he was a person anymore, he did not know if we could live or function without eachother. We are both 24 years old, I was and still am heart broken however a couple of weeks after he broke it off he invited me over to watch a film and spend time together and said he realised how much I meant to him and maybe we should 'see' eachother so there is less pressure on him. (this means we go on dates together and hang out at his house or mine reguraly) I agreed and it has gone well we get on really well and he texts and calls me even when I don't contact him first. I get sad sometimes because I just wish we could be together properly but I am trying to give him the space he needs to grow and be his own person. 
He has also said that he is pretty sure we will end up together but he just needs this space at the moment he said its not about wanting other women or wanting me out of his life he just needs to be himself. I have tried to keep this short so I hope you understand what I have said, do you think there is hope for us two in the furture? as long as I don't put to much pressure on him and try and concentrate on making myself happy?

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