Stuck to the Past

<p>Dear Dr. Jamie,</p>
<p>I was in a relationship two years ago,&nbsp;I truly loved the girl -i don't know she loved me back or not but it was obvious for anyone she wanted me- we had so many differences and she had many concerns and I had as well but I ignored them. at the end it didnt work out. I tried to get back many times but everytime it ended up worse than the one before (I&nbsp;was&nbsp;extremely needy and dependant which is something she doesnt appreciate) we lost contact for a year and a half now. both of us had new relations but they didnt work.</p>
<p>To be direct to the point am stuck in the past, I can't stop thinking about her especially there are many things that happen which make me do think about her i.e. few months ago her best friend joined me at work and became my partner. when joining a new college her cousin happened to be my colleague, and both girls unfortunately became my friends. I still love her and I appreciate getting her back but I dont want to ruin it again and dont know what to do. she did nothing to get the contact back and even recently blocked me on fb (she was not on my friend list and i did not add her which isso weird if I could say).</p>
<p>P.S I sort of moved on, I got a job, I joined a new educational degree and had other relations but the incidences that often happen makes me rethink that it could work out between us.</p>
<p>NB she is a little bit a playerette.</p>
<p>Appreciate your advice,</p>

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