Stay or Away?

<p>I met a guy 4 years ago on web and we've been chatting with each other. He lives in aus and I live in hong kong. We just finally met in person in this january as he came to visit hk. we spent 4 days&nbsp;together and it was like heaven. we did have a lot of fun. he plans to visit me in hk soon,also i will go to visit him in aus in oct.</p>
<p>but recently he told me that we cant be boyfriend and girlfriend now as we are in different places plus he has 2 more years until he finishes in aus (btw, hes 28 and im 23),also he did have long distance relationship before and he thinks that sucks. he told me it could be a few years in the future before we can be really a couple just not at this moment,says he doesnt want to mess me around as he does like me alot,too much respect for me,and doesn't want me to wait for&nbsp;</p>
<p>him...but he will still come to see me in hk and he would love me to come to aus to see him in oct...he said he didnt expect that we could be so wonderful togther and didnt expect that we like each other that he said seeing each other a week every 3-6 months is not a relationship.</p>
<p>im so annoyed.i dont rly know what should i do..should i just keep going on like this or just move on? like let us prepare well and when the situation able to make us be a couple (when he graduate, he could move here etc,besides he did&nbsp;</p>
<p>think abt moving here),do u hv any suggestions for me? thanks a lot</p>
<p>Signed: should i give up or stay</p>

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