Pulling Away

<p>Dr. Love,</p>
<p>I have been dating a guy that I met online for about 3 months now. We hit it off wonderfully and began to build a great friendship immediately. Initially, I told him that I was not interested in giving myself intimantely until I was in an exclusive relationship. After almost two months of only seeing each other but no real discussion of commitment, we slept together. I immediately began to feel uneasiness about what that meant and whether or not we were building towards a serious relationship. We had a discussion about it and my guy assured me that he was not a fly-by-night operation but did want to take his time launching into something serious because that type of comittment meant a lot to him. I respect that and whole-heartedly agree. However, I have found myself feeling like he's pulling away. The texts are more spaced out and infrequent (though we have never gone a day without some form of communication) and the phone conversations have gone from every night to 2-3 times per week. Now, I completely understand that the beginning stages are new and exciting and those intial 5 hour conversations EVERY night do dissapate to make room for normal life, but I feel a shift happening here. I am not sure if it's due to comfort or if he's scaling back for a let-down. I've seen all of the blog posts offering advice and they all seem to give similar advice of how I should behave. Mainly, "follow his lead", "pull back a bit as well", "take time to invest more in your own life", and I am prepared to do all of those things, but I want to know if I should discuss my feelings with him or will this portray me as "needy" and scare him away. I definitely don't want to chase him and that's how this new shift is making me feel so I am preparing myself to pull away a little, but I can't turn off my feelings and I would feel like I was denying myself if I don't talk to him about it. &nbsp;On the other hand, I don't want to do so at the cost of sabbatoging the relationship. What should I do?</p>

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