One Sided Love


i'm sorry i can't speak english well but i will try to explain my pain.( Note here: Dr. Turndorf has edited the following letter where needed so that the question is clear to her readers.)

i met my girl two years ago in the time we’ve known each other she had  a broken heart and i'm the one who helped her to survive. If she needed anyone I was there for her during this time. After she got passed her bad time i think that she liked me and i started to love her but i waited the right time to tell her. but the man who left her called her and asked her to back again and she accepted and i decided not to tell her about my feelings after a few months he left her again and she became single we started to be close again but i was afraid because i felt that she doesn’t love me. then she started seeing another guy and she loved him and after having sex with him he left her after a few days and she became single again  my love for her is growing every day and now i feel that i love her so much i can't see another girl i think about her every day every min every sec and i cry every day cuz she hurts me every day by words by any thing since i know her i give her so much gifts without any reasons and she never gives me any gift even on my birthday i give her any money she wants and help her to do any thing to buy any thing she needs i do every thing from my heart she said that she likes me and i believe her but the problem is that i love her and she doesn't love me and sometimes i need to call her but she refused to answer and some times she said to me i don’t want to talk with u now and sure i miss her and she doesn't 

i can't live with out her, i need her, i don't have friends , she is everything for me my love and my friend 

she doesn't like to talk with me as in the past and my heart is bleeding 

i'm crying as I write this message 

may be she knows that i love her but if she cared she would give me chance to tell her but she doesn’t care she doesn't love me 

and some times when i try to call her and she refused to answer me she warn me if i didn't stop she will refuse to let me see her again

im feeling hurt when i remember that she has sex with them ( ex boys friends ) all the time i'm with her  

i can't forget her and i can't live with out her , i love her so so so so so much

i need help because all my life is damaged i don’t want to do any thing i can't enjoy any day she isn't in it

--Heart Bleeding

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