No Sex Drive

<p><strong>I have been with my Bf for 5 yrs he is 31 &amp; I'm 25...When we first met it took him 8 months to have sex with me. then after that we did it maybe 5 times a month if that.. Now all these yrs later and it's 1-3 times a month... I feel like he has never really had a sex drive but now I just feel like he's not longer attraced to me . When we do have sex it's me asking for it and it's always him on top and lasts only a few min. I know alot of it has to do with the way i feel about myself but I don't understand...Am I thinking to much into this?? is it normal for a 31 yr old man to not want to have sex??? I'm just not sure how I am suppose to feel about this I know he still loves me &amp; wants to be with me, but i think he might just be board with our regular bedroom things maybe bc I never want to be on top. I just dont know.....PLEASE HELP!!! </strong></p>

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