Loving an Ex who is in a New Relationship

Dr. Love. Here's my story.

Me and my ex of 3 and a half years broke up back in December out of stupidity, ego (on both parts). At first, she begged me back but I was too consumed with anger to accept her. And within weeks I fell into a rebound relationship which lasted for a couple of weeks. Well I did sleep with my rebound and foolishly admitted that to my love (cause I thought honesty is the best thing to do which apparently is not).

We broke up back in December and during March she still asked me out and we had a great time together but a few days after our last day out she ignored me. So I started being a jerk, pleading, and doing all those stuff desperate things people do.

Then probably during that period, she got into a new relationship, and stayed strong till now. I still do love her and I think it's unconditional because I want her to be happy and although I wish that I could be the one to make her happy, I do not mind as long as she is happy with another person.

My question is, what if I just cant love another woman, which apparently has been hard for me, although it's been almost half a year, i still do not feel my love for her fading. And is there any possibility of me winning her back?. Well now she has been contacting me sporadically, and she asked for me to keep it secret, and yes I love her and I wanna make her my bride.

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