In Love and Rejected

Hello, i hope you can give me some good advice related to girls. The story starts 3 years ago, when i started the hightschool. I met a girl, at first we were just colleagues and day after day i started to grow some feelings for her. I was preety sure that we can be together and have a realy nice relationship, but when i decided that is time to talk to her she rejected me. I felt so bad and i told myself that i will never fall in love again. Until i met her i was the one who was keeping girls in friendzone, but he ruined my life. I am preety sure that she is the one for me. Anyway, after a few weeks i felt free, and i thought i forgot her, but a few months ago i started to feel something for her again. It's been 2 years since she rejected me and in the last weeks she is closer and closer to me, for example today she came to my place for a cofee, she auto-invited herself, she made me food, washed the dishes even if i begged her not to do it. I don't really know how to aprach her and i need some good advice from someone that knows what;s all about. I am afrain that she is not interested and she's playing with me waiting to reject me again. I don't want to be silly and to do something wrong and ruine the chance to have a close relationshit to her. So please write me and tell me what is the best thing to do in this situation. In the end i would like to apologise for my grammar mistakes. Have a nice day!


Heartbroken in Spain

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