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Long Distance

<p>Hey how are you? So I go to a military college in VA and my girl goes to school in Boston. We met a year ago and got really close over the summer and got serious. We kept talking when we both went away to school and we grew&nbsp;closer and more serious and fell in love. So I went to visit her one weekend and it didn't go well. It was our first time together in two months and all I wanted to do was spend time with her and just show her my feelings because I wasn't able to because of our distance. Well she didn't really show me much affection back but had a good time with me.</p>

<p>When it came to our last night together she wanted to take me out to a big party. Well I got drunk and upset because I just wanted to spend time with her and give her all the affection in the world. So I got mad and texted&nbsp;my friend saying some nasty words and I was thinking about breaking up with her for a while and stuff like that. Well she read my text messages and got really upset. I hurt her and it is horrible because I do not know if she will be able to recover. It doesn't feel the same. Do you think it will go back to normal and what can I do so it does and how can I help her stop hurting. Thank you.</p>



I commend you for wanting to do what's needed to make-up with her. By the way, I just launched my new book Make-Up Don't Break Up! This is right up your alley. I suggest your downloading it right away. Not only will the book help you get out of the fix you're in now, it will show you how to avoid such a mistake in the future.

The biggest obstacle you have now is that I don't think she feels safe with you. To feel safe, she needs to know that you are going to handle your feelings in a more mature way in the future. That is, the next time you're feeling hurt, you need to have the courage to say what you feel and why instead of going to the angry place and acting on the anger. I realize that I am encouraging you to stretch and grow. Your acceptance of the need for you to do this is not only the way that you will give her the assurance that she's safe to try again with you and the assurance that you will not repeat this behavior in the future.

I know it's hard for you as a guy to talk about feelings. It's not how men are raised. But in order to have a good relationship, you need to learn how to do this.

If you look back on this fiasco, I think you can now see that the fight could have been avoided if feelings had been discussed from the start. The first thing you needed to discuss was your feeling hurt and brushed aside by her lack of affection, her wish to attend a public gathering rather than spend time alone with you. You needed to explore what feelings she was expressing through her avoidant behavior.

That discussion would have headed off the argument. 

I have great faith in you and your ability to learn how to become aware of what you feel and put those feelings into words.


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