Long Distance

<p>Hey how are you? So I go to a military college in VA and my girl goes to school in Boston. We met a year ago and got really close over the summer and got serious. We kept talking when we both went away to school and we grew&nbsp;closer and more serious and fell in love. So I went to visit her one weekend and it didn't go well. It was our first time together in two months and all I wanted to do was spend time with her and just show her my feelings because I wasn't able to because of our distance. Well she didn't really show me much affection back but had a good time with me.</p>

<p>When it came to our last night together she wanted to take me out to a big party. Well I got drunk and upset because I just wanted to spend time with her and give her all the affection in the world. So I got mad and texted&nbsp;my friend saying some nasty words and I was thinking about breaking up with her for a while and stuff like that. Well she read my text messages and got really upset. I hurt her and it is horrible because I do not know if she will be able to recover. It doesn't feel the same. Do you think it will go back to normal and what can I do so it does and how can I help her stop hurting. Thank you.</p>


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